The Menswear Market in China is Key for Fashion Brands

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According to recent studies, the global Chinese menswear market is expected to witness a growth of 5.7% between 2020 and 2025. This increase is the result of :

  • More and more Chinese consumers are not as reluctant as before to buy from luxury brands, this is especially true among young buyers who tend to buy and spend a lot of money on fashion wear, party wear, and even nightwear.
  • Rapid growth and quick urbanization have created a modern class of consumers with more money to spend and a growing passion for ongoing fashion. The demand for occasion-specific clothing is growing, especially within the menswear segment.

Chinese key market overview and trends

A growing inclination for online shopping among Chinese men

A consequent exposure to the internet and e-commerce has improved Chinese men’s consumers’ fashion consciousness, availability, and interest in menswear, high-end and luxury brands, and rare items. Over the past few years, companies have been focusing on men’s wear as a result of a growing purchasing power in emerging countries such as China.

The rising influence of media and effective marketing strategies, adopted by e-commerce platforms such as celebrity endorsements (influencers), promotional discounts, and consequent sales play a major role in the growth of the market in the coming years. Moreover, added to the increasing number of online users, there is a steady rise in the number of online transactions and the average amount of money spent online is also on the rise.

Chinese users are ready to buy goods on the spot because of the ease, convenience, and time-saving advantages that online retail offers. The increased security features offered by online retailers such as :

  • Online payments
  • Free delivery
  • Improved online customer services

And the more customer-friendly design of shopping websites greatly influences customers to shop online.

Asia to experience stable growth in the menswear market

In recent years Chinese menswear industry has been witnessing significant growth in China. The main reason is that male shoppers tend to focus more on quality and style, choosing to purchase high-quality garments. The rapid growth of China’s economy, increasing purchasing power among China’s urban middle-class customers, brand awareness, and demand for apparel quality drive the China menswear market.

The future of online shopping for men will continue to grow resulting in consumer acceptance of the internet as an alternative shopping channel given this fact, the menswear market will slowly but surely become competitive. The new millennial generation of men will be the key drivers in the menswear industry.

Marketing: the key to success in China’s menswear industry.

Marketing and Digital Marketing play a major role in building your e-reputation, promoting, and in the success of your brand in China. Moreover, given China has its own platforms, it is important for companies and brands to learn which platforms will be the most useful to them. Listed below are the major e-commerce platforms for selling and promoting a menswear brand.

Xiahongshu: the place for review in China

Xiahongshu is also known as Little Red Book (LRB). Is often considered the Chinese Instagram, on this platform Chinese users have the possibility to share photos and videos. Compared to Instagram, shopping on social media is way more common in China. The store incorporated on Xiahongshu is a simple and effective way to maintain your image and increase your company’s sales.


Weibo is a great platform to use to promote your brand, as it will enable you to build your brand image by posting qualitative content like photographs or videos of your campaigns. This is a great social media to use in order to maximize your exposure and grow and also keep in touch with your community.

Chinese KOLs lead fashion Trends

The Key Opinion Leaders are also known as KOLs and Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) are major assets to reach a wide community and retain them.

Finding the right KOL might seem tiring but it is absolutely necessary if you want to perfectly target and attract your consumers. If you manage to find the right KOL with a community that shares your company’s values, you can be sure that your marketing strategy will be efficient.

Compared to other customers Chinese consumers are known to be very sensitive to feedback when buying an item. So, in order to reassure and seduce your customer target, it is necessary for you to share as much product information and characteristics as possible with the KOL you’ve chosen, this way they will be able to properly present and describe your product to their followers.

Want to launch your men’s fashionwear brand in China?

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