Shanghai fashion week this year : how technology and digital changed the fashion industry

New season of Shanghai fashion has finished on last Friday 24th of October after the last big event -Shanghai fashion week model competition. As we all know the fashion week is to find out what’s the next season’s fashion trend. What’s the new for the design of garments in trend? Who is the in trend fashion designers? It’s all about digging out the new things and trend. Everything is new and everything is trendy.

However, we can’t ignore that behind the fashion event. There also something newand trendy. Or, maybe we should say that because of these ‘new’ things which made this year fashion week are more interesting, more watchable.

  • Digital blurs fashion and digital

We have seen so many great fashion pieces from the local designer. However these designer’s fashion garments and mast pieces could be recognized by the customer, here maybe buyers is more correctly. Except the great skill and uniqueness of the designer, Digital has been provided a great platform for them to maintain the customer, to attract fans, to build community, to promote and to get to be famous of the design brand!

What we can have seen this year’s Shanghai fashion is that fashion designer’s fashion garments start selling on the E-commerce platform during the show from one of the designer brand collaborations – . Wow, how fast it is! People can buy the garments right away during the show if you they liked it!1

3 great designers- Reineren, Life on the left and Dannyzhang have been put their designing brand on the E- commerce platform –Shangjie. People who are watching the show can actually buying the garments when they are seeing the garments on the runway by scanning the QRcode !


Fashion industry needs digital platform to let everybody knows you and only digital can have really big impact of your brand! Why? This case is really showing how digital impacts on the fashion trend. Fashion designers have gained more attention from audience, particularly for fashion buyers through the digital platform


On the fashion week show digital perform widen the audiences. There are audiences not just in the show, but also watching the show on the internet, Weibo for live updating pictures or maybe forums as well! And also comment on the social media website. No matter love your brand or they don’t like it, your brand will get to be noticed by wide range of people all over the world rather than traditional media can only reports the events after the show. All I have said about this is more audiences of your brand, more supporting by customer, more fashion buyers for your brand and even more soon to let the world to know your great design of garments.

Years ago, the shanghai fashion week might not as popular as other fashi6on weeks from other cities like New York, Paris fashion weeks. However, this situation has been turned since last 2 years because of the development of the digital. And years ago how many people will really interested in the fashion week? Maybe they are just people from the fashion industry, however, now everyone can talk about the fashion and express what they like and dislike, It is all comes to the power of digital ,

This is how digital have been stepped into fashion industry and greatly improve the brand awareness of fashion industry.


  • 3D technology has started using on fashion.


There are many 3D projects which have been using on fashion week this year and we can predict that 3D technology would be the future trend of fashion design.

The 3D technology was officially introduced to China in early this year in March via the 2 technology companies in China- Yin Science &technology and YTD information Tecnology Co.,Ltd. They aim to bring the 3D technology to China and Chinese fashion industry.4

And in April, the first 3D technology fashion design collections were showing in front of public in Shanghai fashion week Autumn/Winter 2014

And this was the first time that digital materials transformed into garments- the 3D swimsuits collections which has gained the most of attention in the fashion week. Apart from the swimsuit, other accessories like hats and rings are also the most popular items in the fashion week.







In the second part of Shanghai fashion week, 3D technology continually amazed public. A 3D printed pop-up store was set up at Xintian District for visitors to experience 3D product like clothing, shoes and other accessories and this the first people can get close to the 3D technology and experiment with it


There was no doubt that 3D technology will be widely used in the fashion industry and it will extend the more space for fashion designers’ fashion design by using 3D digital fabrics.


written by Elliot Dao

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  • Montesqu'yeux

    Wow!! Just found this article, it’s impressive how digital grew the past 5 years! We were already talking about digital possibilities in 2014 and today in 2020, the Fashion Week is almost fully digital thanks to live-streaming. What is the future of fashion and events then? So interesting

    • Dolores Admin

      More and more AI.
      I believe soon enough consumers will be able to virtualy try on clothes when Shopping online.

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