Tim Cahill launches his own sport luxury brand in China

Opportunities for sportive players in China


Tim Cahill


Tim Cahill is an Australian football player. He is one of Australia’s most successful sportive man. He currently plays for Hangzhou Greentown in the Chinese Super League and so he is an icon in the Chinese sporting landscape.


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His fashion background


Tim has worked alongside key fashion icons such as Georgio Armani, where he was the brand ambassador for 8 years.




His own sportswear brand: Cahill +


Tim decided now to launch his own “sport-luxe” inspired fashion brand. It is composed of sportswear and menswear designer fashion.

Tim has been working with Australian brand Shoreditch to launch his clothing line.

He recently launched the Cahill+ store on China’s biggest online retailer: jd.com where we can find sports fashion clothes and famous brands such as Nike or Adidas among others.

During the fashion show held in Shanghai, several of Cahill’s sporting colleagues, such as footballer Chen Boliang and Formula One driver Ma Qinghua, modeled the brand to make consumers aware about the launch.


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Why it could appeal to the Chinese customers?


Chinese consumers are increasingly focused on quality products. They turn on luxury goods that will show others that they are rich. Actually, the luxury sector is one of the largest in China.

Then, Chinese want to be trendy and follow their models. Tim Cahill is an International icon so he could represent well the sportive style for Chinese people.

In China, marketers often use stars to promote their brand. It is important to make customers trust in your products and brand. If they see someone famous they like wearing a cloth they will want the same to be stylish.

Chinese are numerous to buy products online especially for clothes. Men do their purchases 1.3 more on Internet than women who prefer touching and seeing products in real. As Cahill is addressed to men, Tim has chosen the perfect retailer strategy.

Finally, wearing sport clothes become really trendy in China. Even at work or in the daily life, Chinese like sportive brands such as Nike or Adidas among others.

So Tim is exactly in the fashion mood and his brand strategy is good to attract Chinese.


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  • NanCheese

    Hello! I usually barely comment on articles, but I think it is not surprising to see more and more crossovers about fashion, a lot of celebrities from sport, music or even actresses launching fashion brands, which is more surprising is if the brand becomes very popular in China!

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