It’s time for Shanghai fashion week times

Last modified: October 23, 2014

It is been half way of 2nd part of Shanghai fashion week 2015 S/S . What happened since past few scheduled days and what can we look for the next events during the fashion week?

Here I would like to point out some high lights of the events and also what I am looking for. Maybe this article can give you some idea of fashion trend in China recently.




Italian fashion brand DESEL jumped into the biggest fashion events by bringing the energetic and delighted atmosphere with a party called ‘DESEL VENICE MEETS SHANGHAI at Shanghai Exhibition Centre. This party wasn’t just a fashion party but also a dance party with Italian flavor in it

Another highlight of the party was DESEL by putting all exciting elements which represents DESEL : Leathers, Tannin and camouflage into the party. You can enjoy the DJ music and dance as well as FASHION!


Two trade fairs were holding by fashion week.-‘Micam’ and ‘Mode shanghai’. It offers a platform to brand new foreign fashion brand and domestic new designer brand to seek opportunities in China which 4attracts brand from Europe, Latin American, and South East Asia brand to attend the trade fairs. If you missed it and if are planning to have fashion business in China, don’t miss it next year!

Besides, there was a top designer brand showroom which opens door to fashion experts, buyers media professionals during the fashion show week. You will see a lot of master pieces from the top of designer from the fashion week .


There are many new and exciting younger designers going to present their fashion work such as Angel Chen, C.J Yao and Jingchong Yu and many more! Some of them have been shown their great sense of artistry. Such as Zhuchong Yun’s ‘WU XING’ (Which means appreciation of the spiritual of life down to the earth and then moving on) which kicked off the first show of Shanghai Fashion week


And also Jinchong Yu’s brand ‘ JINNNN’ are by using minority people’s elements from Yao people which really showcase Chinese young fashion designer’s fashion idea can be not just edgy and creative, but also the fully respect spirit of Chinese culture.


C.J Yao- the Championship of Young Fashion Designers Overseas Internship Program

She presented her unique design of springing collections in the fashion week .We can 7normally see her collections are bravely using different fabric splice and expressing attitude of modern independent women.




As we know digital has been widely used in fashion industry, which enhanced participating and engaging between fashion brand and followers and it has been playing a role of signal of future fashion.

And now, 3D print technology has started to use on fashion design! New 3D print technology enhanced and extended fashion designer’s ability of design. We can see not just only for the T-shirt are made by 3D technology, but also bags, rings, hats in this year’s fashion week.



Another one of the biggest highlight of fashion week 2015 was the international showcase. The international designer Giambattista Valli has brought his collection to the show. It IS the first time that he is doing such big showcase with 40 pieces of collections out of Paris.

His haunt couture is all time favorite for celebrities like David Beckham11


Some of the big Chinese local brand have showcase that Chinese brand can be traditional and also fashionable. Besides of the Chinese elements, they are all want to deliver more 22deep understanding of Chinese fashion brand to the world.

Traditional brand Zhi Ning Xiang has been demonstrated and re- identify the meaning of that Chinese fashion in the fashion week. It is all about the handcrafted with each detailing tailor and fine fabric. What’s important is the inside out of brand attitude.

There is another exciting event -the Shanghai Fashion Week Model Competition which will be hold in 24 / 10 and this is going to be an intense competition for the next Chinese super model !

Written by Elliot

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  1. The SFW is a hot topic, even today! With the emergence of digital, I would be willing to know more about the evolution of this event, from the first edition to the digital ones!

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