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Top 10 Chinese Trendy Fashion & Luxury Brands

Last modified: June 16, 2021
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How many top Chinese fashion brands did you know? More and more Chinese fashion and luxury brands are becoming very trendy; with emergence of Chinese middle class, there are more wealthy and trendy customers for new brands. You can find below the top 10 of trendy fashion and luxury fashion brands in China and also some useful advice about how to implement, export or create your own trendy fashion brand in China.

     1. Shanghai Tang: epitome of china luxury fashion brands

The first global Chinese luxury brand which has been amazed fashion industry worldwide by its elegance and fusion of East to West. Shanghai Tang was established in 1994 by Hongkongness David Tang Wing-Cheung who started his business as a little boutique. However, Shanghai Tang is now not just opening it’s flagship store in Shanghai and Hongkong, but in the American NewYork city as well.

The reasons why Shanghai Tang has becoming the most successful and No.1 Chinese Luxury brand internationally are not just because it’s fine and highest quality of materials in the production but also distinctivelly Chinese cutting, styling and blending with Chinese attitude in it.

Besides, fully understanding of international market before entering international market makes Shanghai Tang having more competitive advantages than others. For example, they have existing loyal customers program to avoid losing big customer and also excellent designers in various countries provide their inspiration into the brand and make the even more brand better. Last but not the least, existing mobile marketing platform allows the brand tracking all the potential customers online and getting ideas from customers for the future designs of the product.

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     2. Ochirly: China fast fashion champion

This is a very ‘romantic’ Chinese women’s fashion brand in a European style. And it has been provided fashion women of the middle class in China since 1999 with its exquisite and full of frills products. Since Ochirly targets fashion young women in the middle class, its reasonable price attracts a huge amount of fashion ladies and it has become the leader of women’s dress in the fashion industry in China.

Ochiry owed its success to the excellent marketing strategies in China. Firstly, the company has precise positioning of the target group ( age between 25-45) and clearly designs style of the brand. Secondly, the mode of operation drives increasing sales of stores. For example, headquarter with a flat supply Channel directs to store that gained profit maximization and reduce unnecessary expenditure. Thirdly, different sales and marketing channels like selling products online from Taobao for instance have also been increased the market share and brand awareness.

      3. Meters / Bonwe: casualwear fashion

Metersbonwe is a Chinese casualwear fashion brand which targets teenagers and age at 20s. It is the biggest Chinese casualwear fashion brand which still owns 5 layers of flagship store based in Shangghai,China. When marketing expert was doubt that the brand would fail in the intensive Chinese market, however, it has already expanded its market by collaboration with movie industry overseas. Meters/bonwe was ranking at No.61 out of 100 – the most valuble Chinese brands since 2014.

How Meters/bonwe did this successful progress? It was all about extraordinary aspects of branding strategies. Firstly, the brand brings energy with the vitality of attitude to the young fashion people. Secondly, with increasing life quality of Chinese people, Meters/bonwe meets people’s demands of perusing leisure life style. Thirdly, the choice of spokesmen makes a difference, since Jay Chou becomes the spokesmen of the brand who has been brought the vitality of entertainment industry into the fashion brand.

The company is now trying to gain more apparel market share by increasing stock turnover and highly impacting of advertisment on the young fashion audience.


    4. Bosideng: high-end Chinese fashion Brand for Men

This is another good example of Chinese brand goes global. Bosideng has opened its first overseas store in London in 2012. This brand is focus on high standard production of men’s wear in detail of tailoring and fabrics and very famous in China. According to Forbes, the expansion of European market of Bosideng has a limitation of customer. It’s customers are mainly London based Chinese , overseas students or tourists. This situation is going to be hard for the company in the long run if the company is not going to improve the marketing strategy.

However, the CEO of Bosideng, Mr.Zhu announced that the future of marketing strategy of Bosideng will be focusing on expanding by means of e-commerce and building relationship with premium department stores in London, and of course inputting of hiring local fashion designers who know the market trend is important to the international market of Bosideng because they are knowing better of customer tastes in London.

     5. Septwolves: most successful Chinese fashion brand?

Septwolves is the most successful men’s business fashion brand in 2013 in China. Just in the half year of 2013, Septwolves profited RMB 256m out of sales RMB 1.4bn. (Statistics from just-style). Septwolves Group has continually renewed their marketing strategies so that they can follow the market trend and conditions. And now the company defines its marketing strategies as multi-dimensional and multi-level branding strategy.

Customers in any area can find that Septwolves is the best brand to fit into their ideal life style. Recently, Septwolves is not just selling men’s suits series, but also other series under the brand like casual club series, women series, children series and designer’s series, etc. At the same time, Septwolves enhances the distribution channels advantages so that real-time logistic and distribution services and information system can go through all internal sales outlets (source from official Septwolves website).

     6. Gujin: Chinese lingerie brand

Gujin is a Chinese lingerie brand, which targets women who has elegant intellectual taste. The company’s idea of ‘hoping all women healthier and more beautiful’ has won women’s heart and social credibility in China. Gujin’s marketing strategy puts itself ahead of other lingerie brands. Firstly of all, Gujin puts emphasis on fashion without being harmful to healthy. Secondly, Gujin sees itself as local Chinese fashion lingerie brand.

It is not only focusing on the design and quality but also the deep understanding of Chinese women’s needs and characteristics of Eastern women. Thirdly, massive media coverage like advertising strategy, online promotion, and fashion show really grabbed every woman’s attention all the time. Currently, Gujin has been expanded its market to Overseas like France, Italy, Span, and Japan. And it has become one of the well-known brands in China. It is fashionable at a reasonable price that every fashion women can afford it.

      7. Belle: Women Footwear made in China

Belle footwear brand started its business in 70s in Hongkong and is now the No.1 footwear brand with its more than 10,000 store opening in China. Belle has meaning of ‘beautiful woman’ in French. The brand aims to let all women wearing its brand everywhere in the world. The brand is mainly targeting group of women at age between 20-40.

Belle won women’s heart by using its soft marketing and customer relationship marketing and what they want women to know is that women need a pair of beautiful shoes and this idea was really touching to women’s emotion and getting connection between the brand and customers.

According to 100the most valuable Chinese brands in China, it was at highest apparel entrant at position of No.42.


     8. Xander Zhou


This is a designer fashion brand appears on the fashion week regularly, which founded by Mr. Sander Zhou. His brand is all time favorites for the magazine in terms of its design with combination of realism and aesthetics of fashion. Sander with his brand has been waved Chinese fashion industry and the attitude of men’s fashion in China-menswear can be not just brave and confident but also narcissism.

Does he promote himself and his brand? Of course! Although his talent has been recognized internationally, his is always seeking the opportunity to work with the best of the best. As you can from the banner below- he stated on his website that always welcome and glad to work with the best fabric supplier and garment factory!

     9. MJ style

MJ is one of the fast growing local Chinese fast fashion brands since 2013, and it is the only brand, which can compete with the brand like H&M and ZARA in home China. The reasons why the name of brand can be recognized and remembered by customers is that the brand has quality of luxury brand but with reasonable price.

Besides the cost performance, MJ style has other competitive advantages as a Chinese local brand and more opportunity to enter second-tier cities However, if the brand wants to go further of the game, it has to find its own way and identity in the market. As we all know that Chinese people like Western brands more than local ones, especially young fashion people.

      10. LiningSnip20140916_2: king of Chinese Athlesure brands

Why Lining can be listed in the top 10-fashionbrand? I would like to stress on the meaning of ‘Lining’. It has become one of memories for people who were born in 70s and 80s.Lining was a leading Chinese sportswear, which had big market share before the Chairman announce re-positioning its brand in 2010.

 The main reason Lining failed in the market is that giving up on loyalty customers and trying to make a great leap forward and win 90s young customer only. Big changing of slogan from ‘anything is possible’ to ‘made the change’ lost its loyalty of customer. Secondly, mistaken of re-positioning goes international first and then local market. Thirdly, lack of product development and product innovation makes customer to choose other brands.

Although this brand is not No.1 sportswear in China anymore, however, it is still the only one Chinese sportswear brand known by worldwide than any other brands. By Elliot Dao Fashion branding specialist.


How to market a fashion brand in China?

Collaborate with Chinese e-commerce platforms

The e-commerce market in China is rapidly growing and is expected to expand even more. Even luxury fashion brands have a lot of success on the internet. Online shopping has become a real trend in mainland China. The most important reason why Chinese consumers purchase so much online is that it simply takes less time. Going to the shop consumes a lot of time and shopping itself can last almost an entire day.


If you have decided to take your luxury fashion brand to China, your brand has to be accessible for online buyers. Instead of offering your own e-shop on your website, you can also choose to collaborate with popular e-commerce platforms. You will reach a lot of Chinese consumers and therefore more people will recognize your luxury fashion brand. Some luxury fashion brands have already collaborated with huge e-commerce platforms in China.

Today, Alibaba’s Tmall and JD.com are dominating the Chinese e-commerce market. Tmall, for example, has established the Luxury Pavilion, this is a special platform where they only offer luxury fashion brands to loyal consumers with a high income. Fashion brands such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, and Estée Lauder have already been selling their goods on the Luxury Pavilion.

Develop your strategy on Wechat

To enter the luxury fashion market, you have to create brand awareness with your target group. Before Chinese consumers will buy your luxury fashion goods, they first need to know that your brand exists.Today, being active on social media is a must, especially for a luxury fashion brand. You might be familiar with WeChat, Weibo and all other Chinese social media. Indeed,  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will not help you to create brand awareness in China.

It’s all about WeChat. Being active on Wechat is your first step into the Chinese luxury fashion market. This platform counts more than 900 million active users and is mostly used by citizens of China. On this platform, you have the opportunity to promote your luxury fashion brand to Chinese consumers.

WeChat Fashion

In addition, you can send messages to potential and existing customers, so you can interact with them and provide good customer service. For example, high-end fashion brand Céline has already created an account on WeChat and has used it for their ready-to-wear campaign. Other brands such as Coach, Bulgari, and UK’s Burberry have also joined this social platform. 

Use KOLs, Key Opinion Leaders

Another way to market your luxury fashion brand is to work with intermediaries. Instead of you promoting your fashion brand yourself, intermediaries can do the work for you. KOLs could be actors, singers, internet celebrities, in general, they are trendsetters. These idols have many fans on social media, who support them and want to live the same life as them. If these trendsetters wear or recommend your luxury fashion brand, fans will notice your brand and want to have it too.

Keep in mind that this is not the easiest way of advertising your luxury fashion brand. It is difficult to say which intermediary is the most useful and has the most influence on the target audience. But when this communication tool is used the right way, it can without a doubt boost your business in no time. Whatever is the size of your fashion luxury brand, you will have the opportunity to develop your business in China by using some effective tools that will create more touchpoints with the Chinese customer. 


Develop your luxury fashion marketing strategy in China

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