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Top 7 Ways to be Successful for a Travel Agency in China

Last modified: January 23, 2017

The travel business has been overtaking global GDP for quite a while now, with no sign of ending. The  of worldwide travelers passed the 1 billion checks more than 2 years back at this point. This rate of growth shows we’ll see this number increase to 1.8 billion by 2030. In case you’re thinking about you should try lead generation to get new clients or if you’ve attempted lead generation and flopped, read on. There are basically two approaches to strike these leads; the correct way and the wrong way. The correct way isn’t one 100% reliable but is also clear that the wrong way is just a waste of time & money.

=>However, here are the few things you can do for succeeding in online travel lead generation

Lead Generation for Travel Agency in China



Some travel agencies register for online lead generation & get customers after few hours. While others don’t get customers even after weeks. It doesn’t mean they are not good agents may be they don’t know how to handle customers. How to sell online or maybe they took too long to answer their customers. Or sometimes they are afraid that customers will ask hard questions which they won’t be able to answer. but this is all customers need. Satisfaction! They want an agent who can provide knowledge of the destination and local help there. The more you help them the more you’ll have customers



People are busy but they still want a rapid response. When you purchase a lead, try to respond with basic information and after that stay top of psyche until they’re prepared to make a purchase. If the person chooses not to travel, place them in your database for future marketing strategies. So, the lesson here? Development, follow up again and when you’re finished with that, you got it; follow up once more.




Dress it up. Publicize yourself. Inform individuals all regarding your travels. List every language you understand (if English is your exclusive language, study another one impress your customers. Get a duplicate copy of language tutorials. At last, get an expert photograph taken or even better; use one of you on a recent fascinating vacation.

Also, smile, okay? People get attracted to smiling people.



There are a couple of organizations offering “leads” yet only a few and genuine one that gives you a chance to choose which leads you to need to buy. This way, if you don’t care for the lead, don’t buy it. Likewise, you should only trade with lead generation organizations that offer you the alternative of setting channels. The absolute most fruitful lead-purchasing agents  neglect the budget field completely on the grounds that they’ve discovered customers,  don’t know how much travel costs and they’re certainly not going to figure high.



People plan holidays with agents they know and like. Holding journey evenings, get-togethers and general schmoozing do not go perpetually, but they have taken over by social networking sites. Somebody who prefers your blog appreciates the photos of your vacation on Facebook or Flickr and finds your tweets amusing will remain connected with you. So, when they’re prepared for a vacation, they might just book with you. If they’re not prepared, they will definitely suggest it to their friends

What’s the lesson here? Keep up; approach your children or your grandkids for help


When you’re facing eye to eye, it’s very easy to show emotion. For different reasons, one of the greatest errors agents make with online leads is they turn out to be either short-hand secretaries or reference books. With an online lead, you have one opportunity to make a good impression on the client. You will likely get the buyer to trust you, respect your insight and begin painting their desired vacation plans. Your initial few sentences of your first email to them will say it all. Too little or an excess of data or long, exhausting diaries is a sign you will lose the business.

Get somebody energized and desiring more and yes you’ll win



Do a few customers need a cheap cost? Sure, however, that is the same as buyers who call a travel operator’s office. People search for everything. They check costs and look for deals. With online travel lead generation, it’s up to travel authority to demonstrate why they can offer the best rate. It’s up to the agents to show they have neighborhood contacts, that they’ve been to that place, know the place personally and offer the best, hard-to-discover, applicable information.



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