Tree labs, the New Fashion Speaker Brand in China

Tree-Labs is a audio speakers manufacturing start-up set up by a team of young, audio geeks with a blend of entrepreneur spirit from across the world. With diverse backgrounds, and rich experiences in their own fields and departments the team has decided to fill the vacuum that exists in the wireless speakers market across the world, with a special emphasis on the Chinese market!

How Tree Labs became a leader in its market

The team is ecstatic about the initial response it has received and aims to become the market leaders in the next five years to come. With their headquarters in Switzerland, the Tree-labs team brings together expertise in audio technology from across the globe, its team members are from France, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, etc. This helps the team not only with the functional and technical expertise such as audio engineering, product designing, manufacturing, etc. but also brings together a unit with diverse cultural backgrounds which helps in understanding viewpoints of people in different parts of the world. Such a unique mix of professional and cultural diversity helps the team develop superior quality audio speakers.

A culture for high quality

The team wanted to do something creative, different, and very challenging that is helpful to the local industry and compete on a global level. Until, Tree-lands was established most Chinese companies catered primarily to the local market only. To test the waters, the team has initially started selling Chinese, and Asian brands abroad on their newly set-up website – since the year 2010 the team has the exclusive dealership rights of the brand named M.R.K.T.

Easing the ears for enjoying more the music

By setting up the start-up for fashion speakers, the team aims to providing a brand to the factory manufacturing wireless speakers, etc. Tree-labs have a complete understanding of the speakers market.eam wanted to bring to the table that no other manufacturer is offering right now. This would help take the speakers market to the next level. Most speakers available in the market follow an American sense of sound delivery, especially towards lackluster middle and high frequencies of bass. One of the drawbacks of this existing trend of sound delivery is that it has negative impact on the health and listening experience of music lovers. It creates pressure on your ears, makes the entire music hearing process tiring. In addition, your brain will be under constant pressure to adjust itself to match itself to the varying frequencies.

To overcome such issues on the existing audio speakers,  Tree-Labs  has developed a unique audio speakers with high end technology, latest know-how that gives you a pleasant and enjoyable experience, so you need not worry about the pressure on your ears, while listening to your favorite songs.

Tree-labs has observed one drawback in the existing set-up of manufacturing audio systems, most of the time, companies outsource manufacturing of sound system to third parties that have little to no knowledge in the field. Their primary goal is to meet a particular launch date, this hampers quality, and the goal of offering a good quality audio system to public remains unattained. Tree-labs manufacture audio systems in house under the expert supervisor of professional with rich experience in the field, guaranteeing quality products.

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