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Understand Chinese Social Media in The Fashion Industry

In China, there are now more than 630 million internet users, and nearly all of them use the Chinese social media. Indeed, they became an essential thing when doing business in China. Here are the social media you need to be present in when doing Fashion Business in China.

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Increase the brand awarness through Chinese social media

Brands use the same social media for their awarness directly and indirectly. Directly with the content they post on the sharing platforms, e-commerce platforms, social media and forums and blogs. Indirectly means that they don’t post anything: people are doing this for them.

Fashion China after cons

Use social media to build your e-reputation in China

E-reputation is a must when doing fashion business in China. Chinese people look carefully at a brand’s e-reputation before buying a product. In China, there is some low quality products and there are also a lot of counterfeits products. So they are looking carefully for information before purchasing a product. They won’t buy a product if the website has a bad e-reputation or if they can’t find the e-reputation of the brand. E-reputation can be done through online magazine, here Vogue, Yoka or Elle, the references in fashion for Chinese consumers.

Fashion China erep

E-reputation is maintained with PR, press relations. Press relations is about writing contents, above all articles, about the fashion brand. Articles about novelties can be submitted, like consumers’ reviews, interviews and advices. Chinese people will love to have all these things on a press review, because they will find everything they are looking for before purchasing a product. Press relation can be done on fashion.sohu.com, haibao.com and Yoka. This sites are very used by the Chinese people concerning PR. If Chinese people are using this sites to have reviews about products, they also like to have reviews directly on the social media they use every day.

There is people, called the KOLs, key opinion leaders, who posts things a lot on the social media and who are really present and like to give their ideas and opinions a lot. They are usually followed by a lot of people who are always waiting for their reviews and will listen to what they say. They are very powerful people who need to be known by the brands for their own good.

E-buying strategy on social media is essential for you brand

Fashion China buying

Chinese people buy their products now on e-commerce platforms. E-commerce platforms are a trend in Chinese consumption. In fact because of the lack of trust in some products, Chinese people like to buy non-Chinese products. These purchases can be done through online platform of commerce. The most powerful platforms are Taobao and Tmall.com, two websites hosted by Alibaba, a giant of the Chinese web. They also make their purchases on vip.com. As they like to share everything they done, purchases are no exception. They share it apps or sharing platforms.

Think about after consumption and brand awareness in China

As they like to have reviews, it’s natural for them to post reviews themselves after they tried a product. They post these reviews on the e-commerce platforms like Taobao, tmall.com and vip.com. They also complete their purchase’s sharing by adding their experiences with it. They will use the Social Media then to share their experience and help their friends. Chinese people like to share everything with their friends, and fashion products above all.

The most used are WeChat; it’s a messaging app which offers text messages, vocals messages, photos and videos sharing and a news feed. They also use Weibo, a micro-blogging platform. Weibo is heavily used by the KOL. It’s one of the fastest way to spread ideas. They also use other Social Medias: renren.com, douban, and tianya.cn.

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