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Using WeChat by brands under 5 functions

Last modified: September 5, 2016

Using WeChat by brands under 5 functions

WeChat has becomed THE social network most used in China with 547 million monthly active users and now 400 million users of mobile payment function. WeChat is not just an application but can be considered as an ecosystem: you can keep in touch with friends by sending messages, stay informed and do your shopping at the same time. WeChat gives you useful services such as online payment, call reservations.

  • The value of brands WeChat
  • WeChat features
    Brands are using Wechat as a platform to inform the consumers of new products but also to raise awareness through various campaigns by posting stories, video, photos …
    WeChat is using opinion leaders to influence users or at least attract them.

You can see the example of Clarins has created an official account on WeChat was able to increase its sales through this system because the subscribers account then made on the online site of the brand.
Many brands use WeChat in order to generate consumer interest. Burberry on its page announced an event in 2014 that was held in Shanghai. People subscribing to their account could then monitor the entire performance. In addition, it increased the arrival of persons at the event.

  • Customer Service
    Brands can use WeChat as a platform for customer loyalty for example by distributing loyalty cards. Customers can also collect points, get discounts coupons, promotion ahead. They can register their information to buy faster next time or find all the stores available according to their need.
    China Southern Airlines uses an interesting and clear interface that includes features such as booking flights, check luggage and the hotel services.
  • Offline to Online
  • 10 Tips WeChat Strategy (7)
    Major retailers can use WeChat for advertising to encourage customers to come to shop in their stores. Also, brands can partner with services to sponsor their brand, so Olay. To celebrate Mother’s Day, the brand is associated with the implementation of taxi “Da Che Didi” to inform its free offer a skin care to all Olay stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and enjoy free taxi down to the store
  • Payment
    WeChat has developed a highly efficient payment service, allowing brands to make their account an e-commerce market and users to pay for a multitude of products and services.
    There are brands that take advantage the online payment service to make it exclusive for example with promotions that are only available online.
    In 2015, WeChat has launched a campaign to encourage the use of online payment. It encouraged customers to send money to people they like instead of using words to express their feelings.


  • Targeted advertising
    In his “Moments” tab, WeChat launched targeted advertising to attract more customers to consume and promote the brand but only for certain brands like BMW, Coca-Cola.


WeChat brings many opportunities for brands. It’s a platform for brands to create a dialogue between them and the customers. They can then inform customers about new product releases, the offers but mostly create quality content to educate the customer.
Brands can also use WeChat better understand consumers and to adapt their strategies. Moreover, WeChat can make a link between purchases online shop but also directly by encouraging clients to move with offers; or allow them to make online purchases.

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