Victoria’s Secret adores Chinese Supermodels

Chinese models tend to have strong, expressive facial features that give them this “Charm” that make them so special. They are more and more looking for the showcase by some luxury brand. Several Chinese models have succeeded in their own senses of style and their fans.

The Chinese supermodels more powerful

The various Chinese styles have been damaged by way of as personalities in their own appropriate, with their own individual senses of favor as well as their own admirer followings.

Supermodels tend to own powerful, expressive facial features frequently interpreted in the Asian lifestyle as missing femininity. These are stated to generally be “ beautiful models” rather than “physically beautiful,” and get much less publicity than standard superstars, for instance, motion picture stars and singers.

 Lu Wen the “Beautiful Supermodel”

 I really do not believe I’m stunning. If you look at past times, Chinese folks have usually thought of items like major eyes, a sharp nose, or luscious lips attractive.”

For that reason, fashion brand names have typically been additional considering the likes of Admirer Binding (Louis Vuitton), Tang Wei (Armani), and Nanjing Sin (Given).

A major shift in Chinese general public perception toward Lu transpired in 2015, when she paired up with South Korean singer Chou Siwon to the courting display We Acquired Married. A member of the boy band Super Junior, Chi features a loyal fan base in China, specifically among the younger ladies, but by some means, Lu stole the present.

To a lot of the show’s enthusiasts, Lou’s charms came not merely from her physical elegance as being a supermodel, but how genuine and humble she was, even exhibiting slight shyness throughout times of bodily intimacy with Ch oi. She also has an understated, straightforward type, putting on straightforward, comfortable garments offset with the most recent luxurious handbags. 

Lu Wen has 20 million followers on Weibo, not as well significantly guiding major brand name ambassadors in China Angela baby (84m), Yang Mi (77m), and Supporter Binning (60m). Prior to now 3 several years she has partnered with La Perl, Giorgione Armani, Ester Lauder, Tiffany & Co., and Michael Kory.

The supermodel Ming Xi: queen of Weibo (6million followers)

She has partnered with L’Oreal, MAC, Salvatore Ferraro, Keno, Bloomingdale’s, Michael Kory, Khabarovsk. On the other hand, after falling on Victoria’s Secret runway this year, she has been criticized for insufficiently focusing on her daily work.

Sui He wore the wings at the Victoria’s Secret Vogue Exhibit for seven years straight, making a name for herself both abroad and in China. She is particularly popular in her house region because she meets her compatriots’ personal attractiveness standards. While quite a few Victoria’s Secret Angels sport a tan for the duration of the exhibit, Sui He has pale skin coveted by the majority of girls in East Asia.

Sui He’s successful showings of Victoria’s Secret

Chinese consumers are more confident to try out Western luxurious brand names. Despite the criticism regarding the outfit design of Victoria Secret’s Show, especially the ones with Chinese-inspired elements, Sui He’s outfits almost normally wow the Chinese audience – her pale skin appearing via the transparent elements of the lingerie are so popular that Chinese fans nickname her “He Xingu,” referring to a Chinese mythological figure who is believed being an immortal.

Much less chic than Lu Wen, Sui He is thought to glance sweet and approachable, traits that saw her cast from the 2015 film You Are My Sunshine. Her previous brand partnerships include Sheikdom, Bloomingdale’s, and the Banana Republic.

With additional Chinese individuals paying attention to Chinese supermodels’ careers and their place in pop culture, Chinese consumers have also begun to follow their personal styles, don’t just because of their actual physical advantage of presenting clothing beautifully, but also because of your simplicity and edginess of their design.

Sharp-tongued Chinese trend bloggers have extended criticized mainstream celebrities who wear as well a lot of ill-chosen luxury items. Gobbing, for instance, once reported Dior ambassador Chaos Laying “doesn’t glance bad in this Dior dress, she just makes it look like something you can get from Baobab.” The popularity of Chinese supermodels’ personal styles demonstrates Chinese people’s fatigue with flashy, sometimes gaudy luxurious clothing.

Supermodels have very long been appointed ambassadors of makeup makes, but now that they can be being thought of as stylish trend insiders with spectacular bodies and charming smiles, as an alternative to skinny, unapproachable cloth hangers, there is an opportunity for many brands to step in.

Lu’s acts as a supermodel flies in the face of her humble origins


Lu is the first East Asian model to perform in the Victoria’s Secret show, the first East Asian model to serve as a spokeswoman for Estes Lauder, as well as the first Asian to crack the top five on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid models. Just last month, Lu was featured as the prime example of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” artists list, credited as the eighth highest-paid model in the world with earnings of USD 7 million last year.

Lu had a tough time when she first started working as a model in China standing at nearly 6-feet and possessing both dimples and angular features, Lu doesn’t fit the mold of your classic “Chinese beauty,” a fact that may have caused her problems when she first attempted to break into modeling.

After winning second place in a 2005 modeling contest, Lu moved from southern China to Beijing in order to work as a professional model at the age of 18. Lu admitted these early years were especially tough, but that she was able to persevere through sheer force of will.

Her struggle was finally rewarded in 2008 when she was invited to walk the runways of Paris fashion week. A year later, Lu performed in 74 shows for the Fall 2009 ready-to-wear season – the highest number of shows for a model that season.

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