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How to register a wechat official account?

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Account registration

Get your WeChat official account and start getting followers

Wechat group marketing

Create and join groups to promote your brands and share your content

wechat brochure

A beautiful brochure about your brand easily shareable on WeChat

wechat content

Interesting original content in mandarin to share with your followers and more

wechat crm

A well thought brand page menu to welcome and you help your followers

wechat store

A well thought brand page menu to welcome and you help your followers

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Wechat Registration

registering an official account on WeChat is not the easiest thing but it is possible and we can assist you with getting your account as fast as possible. For companies with no business license, it is strongly recommended to get the help of a WeChat agency as it can be very tricky. It is important to get an official account as it gives you access to more tools such as WeChat payment, wecht ads, WeChat pushes up a notification, etc Being on WeChat as an official brand is also proof of your legitimacy as a company.

Wechat Marketing

Wechat should not be seen as a place where you can easily make thousands of follower, it is also not a platform where you can be to commercial or pushy. See what your email contact list. Contact list that you neuter week after week with great content. It is not impossible to get more followers on WeChat, group chat are your friend. WeChat users love group chat, share tips, interesting deals, do second-hands sales, talk about travel, brands they like, etc Joining these groups and creating such a group is a great way to share your content and get closer to your followers. Wechat CRM is another WeChat tool for verified accounts. Set it up well and you won't have to worry about missing someone's questions. You can create automatic messages that are triggered by keywords or actions etc.

Wechat store

To open a WeChat store, you need a verified account. Wechat store is not very complicated or pricey to design if you use a premade template. However, mini-app and WeChat store are increasingly gaining in popularity. They are like mobile apps integrated to the WeChat ecosystem. It allows users to navigate them without leaving WeChat, purchase without having to trouble with submitting bank information, etc

Wechat - Frequently Asked Question

How to do wechat ads?

You need an official account and a big budget. We do not recommend you wechat ads if you are a small brand or not well-known in China. Wechat ads are expensive and the ROI for unknow brand is very low.