92% of luxury brands are on Wechat


Luxury brands are stilll using WeChat to reach wealthy client in 2023, but it become more challenging.

Luxury houses on WeChat strugle on WeChat during and after pandemic crisis. It is maybe linked to their investments in the Chinese market, or to a changing consumers mindset (or to a lack of knowledge of WeChat new feautures).

Most luxury brands in 2022-2023 understand and would like perform on local digital platforms like WeChat, little Red book(Chinese instagram) and Douyin(Tiktok).

Most of luxury brand growth was largely fuelled organically, with Qr Code on Stores or natural interest for Chinese People into Big famous luxury brands. Brands should pay more attention to WeChat channels, instead of banking too much on paid advertising, because Chinese people will study a lot their options before any purchase.

CHOC : Most luxury brands now have a WeChat account (research firm L2) , but their reach and follower are decreasing on WeChat, and there is still much work to do to reach Chinese luxury Shoppers.

  • 77 % of luxury brands have feature-friendly service accounts,
  • But only 10 % of luxury brands have links to online Shops or WeChat pay.
  • 17% of brands an offer loyalty programs on WeChat
  • 10% of brands leverage WeChat via WeChat Video

The rise of luxury brands on WeChat !

On the last two years, we show that the number of luxury brands on WeChat has increased by 87%, the industry has nevertheless still much work to produce to continue to reach Chinese consumers.

According to a recent article on L2 “Digital IQ Index”, we note that 92 % of global luxury brands have WeChat account now, marking an incredible increase since 2014, while only half of all brands joined the platform. The popular mobile messaging application is now tied with Weibo, which has accounted for 94% of luxury brands.

Since the industry has noticed the importance of this application, brands need to develop the technical capabilities of their WeChat accounts, which can help drive consumer engagement, foot traffic in stores worldwide, and sales.

Luxury brands

According to the source, some luxury brands are taking advantage of all the features that can be added to an official account WeChat, including « push notifications, geolocation capabilities, e-commerce, and customer service capabilities that are more sophisticated as more agents and auto-reply feature ».

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She believes that 77% of luxury brands are opting for user-friendly features service accounts, but less than 10% of luxury brands in both fashion and watches or jewelry have links to e-tradespeople online or WeChat wage. Direct links to site e-commerce to the consumer are rare, with only 30% of fashion brands and 23% of watch and jewelry brands in putting one featured on their site.

Customer service

The customer service also lacks many brands. While more than half, or 66 % of fashion brands and 65% of watches and jewelry, have now an auto-reply when a follower asks a question, only 13% of fashion brands still has a manual answer feature for customer service. The brands of watches and jewelry have seen more value thanks to this feature, with 44% of manual responses to customer inquiries.

Wechat e-commerce

Geo-tagging for custom notifications and the ability to locate a store is used by 53% of fashion brands, and only 42% of brands of watches and jewelry. Although it could be a major advantage for luxury brands trying to reach Chinese travelers when they are abroad, only 15% of fashion brands and 10% of watches and jewelry brands use geolocation international on WeChat.

WeChat Channel

WeChat video are popular to engage and show more about the brand univers, products.

When looking at the types of posts that become viral, the survey found that various of them were among the 10 most visited posts by luxury brands on WeChat, including fame, the content of lifestyle, product promotions, and coupons. While Burberry was the most-watched of all the luxury brands post when he teamed up with the famous Wu Yifan for his Fashion Week in London. The label has produced five of the 10 positions WeChat Popular by luxury brands with a mix of celebrities, lifestyle, and promotional content.

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    Is this information still accurate today? I would like to have real numbers or some kind of source to write a paper, thanks!!

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