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How to Open & Manage an Official Account on Weibo?

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Our Weibo Services

Weibo Official Account Set-up

We help your brand register and optimise an official Weibo account. Stress free and fast!.


Content Management

We create original and interesting content in Chinese for your account.

Social media

Community Management

Posts planning, follower engagement and brand communication management to gro your followers base.


KOLs Marketing

We link you with the most suitable Weibo influencers for your brand, get viral and increase your visibility and e-reputation.


Weibo Marketing Campaigns

Contest games, live streaming, buzz content... Get more exposure with the right digital strategy.


Monthly Weibo Reports

Get a full monthly analysis of your actions and results to help you take decisions and improve your Weibo strategy every month.

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More About our Weibo Solutions

Verified Weibo Account Registration

The good news is that you do not need a Chinese business license to register a verified account on Weibo. However, the fees are higher than if you have one. A verified account gives you more credibility, access to more marketing tools and protection of your brand. With a verified account, your followers can identify your brand easily from the fan accounts. The full registration requires some paperwork but we can handle that for you, from Chinese business license to account design and optimisation for Weibo SEO.

Community Management

Creating catchy content such as videos, pictures, infographics, and articles is a great start but you'll need to promote it in a timely manner and have someone ready to communicate with your followers, to answer their questions and solve their problems. Good communication is important to create a relationship with your followers, make them feel part of your brand and build a sense of community. Our team of Chinese experts is experienced in community management, knows and understands the audience and helps you get followers trust and engagement on daily basis.

Weibo Marketing and KOLs

With Weibo you can be commercial: share discounts, launch contests (perfect to increase engagement rates), display paid ads, live stream, run buzz campaign, work in partnerships with Weibo KOLs. Weibo is still one the favourite social media platform of Chinese users. Users debate on Weibo, look for good deals, check brand statements and follow influencers. Weibo is a go-to app for people that follow fashion KOLs, especially since Weibo and Taobao work together and have launched their affiliated tools. We can help you design the perfect Weibo marketing strategy, so you get the brand awareness and followers engagement comparable to the biggest players on the market.

Weibo - Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Weibo for marketing?

Weibo is one of the basic tools to use if you plan any social media strategy in China. With more and more functions being added, Weibo offers the possibility to spread content to a large community of netizens. It is almost unavoidable for sharing information with Chinese consumers. It is essential to ensure a well-established social media strategy on Weibo in order to be more competitive in the fashion market. Fashion is all about trends and Weibo can easily spread your reactivity to fashion trends. Nonetheless, it isn’t easy for social media to master efficiently for business purposes expertise in this field is highly recommended.

Is Weibo popular in China?

In terms of popularity compare Weibo to Facebook. It is one of the oldest Chinese social media apps, and people criticize it, but everyone is still using it every day. It is a great platform for brands to be commercial and communicate with their followers. A post can easily become viral the same way it does on Twitter. The best way to be present in the Chinese market would be to create both a WeChat and a Weibo official account and then look for the appropriate existing Chinese platforms that can fit your needs.

How can I use Weibo for my marketing strategy in China?

  1. Create an official verified account to position your brand and products offered on the platform.
  2. Create an engaging content strategy that incorporates original content such as videos and pictures.
  3. Use these messages to inspire your viewers with new ideas, humor with memes, news, discounts, and so on.
  4. Develop your blogs and articles using guest bloggers and KOLs to create engagement.
  5. Commit to growing your presence, responding to comments, posting regular content, and being active and visible on the site. Success will come after time, energy, and the delivery of an excellent digital engagement strategy.
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