What is WeChat Lab?

The Chinese are more connected than ever! I think it’s a bit normal with a population exceeding 1 billion people, I wonder how we could communicate otherwise by platforms as smart (smart apps) and intuitive. China is developing more and more and does not stop there, the number of people is increasing and consumption is increasing, in short! It is going faster than the wind in this country that mixes culture and traditions with civism and modernity. What else?!

Telecommunication networks are quite developed, thus meeting the needs of the inhabitants and even those of foreigners, to manage the flow of exports and imports. China is also ambitious in relation to imports, they are increasingly influenced and impressed by Western culture and it promotes the return of foreign products but also investment in China. The number of e-commerce platforms is quite important with logistics following the current! The applications make your life easier in this country, which does not know the famous “Wechat” for example?

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The application of the century, developed by Tencent Holdings Limited, is an application that is wreaking havoc at this time, with several features, the application has WeChat Wallet, WeChat pay, or WeChat Lab, hmm … yes yes a new feature has was born with WeChat!

It’s simple, with WeChat Lab you now have the right to the content that sticks with your preferences and those of your friends (on WeChat), Not Bad!

More boring content that just makes you want to scroll through your newsfeed and depresses you … Yes yes I understand you haha

But why “Lab”?

Lab for laboratory! Indeed WeChat performs tests to precisely identify you, distinguish what you like from what you do not like! During these tests, WeChat selects for you the content to come, thanks to the collection of comments of favorable or unfavorable reactions, and finally be able to release the official version!

Yes, many features are available temporarily for the general public and can be deleted at any time. Thus the WeChat Lab team makes improvements and can select for the user the top features.

The first features are “Top Stories” and “Search”.To try them out, it’s simple to go to Settings- “WeChat Labs” – “Top Stories / Search,” and then “Activate.” After activating, you can find them in the “discover” bar.

Thus the user can have access to interesting content, inspired by their own preferences and those of his friends but also from the WeChat database. You will also find articles with mentions in yellow as for example: “from your subscriptions”, “your contacts on WeChat read that”, or “the elite on the Internet is reading this”.

This new feature defies the famous search application; Toutiao based on algorithms but also artificial intelligence.

Do your research freely

You have the opportunity to do your quick search through WeChat and Internet thing that will allow you to save time and quickly go to the essentials of what you are looking for, this feature is made for you, as intuitive and smart it helps you better filter your search and select the best items of the moment!

But not only…

You also have the right to a multitude of mini-programs such as stickers (to express yourself better …) music or novels! The articles are very diverse since you also have access to articles from other websites!

Woe to poor Baidu.com (the most well-known search engine in China) which is far exceeded by this new feature of WeChat!

An advertisement on a card … yes, yes it is possible!

Add a card … another feature!

From now on, advertisements will appear in a rather original and special format, on a map! It changes anyway a little of the standard form (text + image/video + link).

What advantages?

What value would an ad have if it is not visible to the general public? Any!

Add card provides better visibility and value to the ad, maximizing space for maximum information without being cumbersome.

Little local info 🙂

Cartier launched its advertising campaign exactly May 5, being creative: his product “Amulette” was looping on the number 520…

That is to say?

The number 520 in China means “I love you”, the number 20 relating to the 20th day of May, remains more than click on the map to be redirected to the official page of the French brand! It’s nice to increase the click rate of the brand!


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