Why as a brand you should make a marketing video campaign.

Nowadays, videos are one of the best ways to engage your consumers by creating an interaction with them.

The videos allow to offers to the users a rich content experience, and help to convey a positive, original and personalized message and it’s even more important when you want to present clothes. Before buying on internet your consumers want to know how looked the clothes in action. Then show them!

The Gen Ys is very receptive to that kind of format. They use social networks as a platform to share their experiences and what they love. They are very likely to share videos if they are fun (as the Gen Ys can also be called the LOL-Generation), or if they bring them something.

However, looking at videos is something that everybody can do very easily thanks to the democratization of Internet on mobile phones, and with your video you’ll be able to hit your target and engaged it more easily. Then, if the video is well done it can pay big for brands!

Let’s take some examples:

 Vicomte A and his social strip tease

social strip tease

Vicomte A, is a ready-to-wear French brand set up in 2005. It’s a very chic and conservative brand which was very popular at the beginning for their polos.

For the launch of the 2013 collections, the brand decided to use a very sexy video to promote its new line. The concept was very simple but very smart: During this video clip which presents the new collection, the viewers were invited to choose first a model and then click on their clothes to denude them. And every time they click on a cloth, it was send on their “wall”, with a link that redirect to the e-shop. Then all their « virtual friends » were able to see the clothes.

Why it worked?

It’s very easy to understand: The users were active during the video and it was an excellent way to create a special connection with them. In fact, 300 000 tweets were send in 48 hours. Then we all know that the strip tease is almost every time a winning formula.

[youtube_video id=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez8u3ERNVT4&list=PLlvvRuOblxPCkN0azdWOs7dfRsvl4jxlV”]

 Decathlon in China


To increase the sale of their Domyos fitness line in China, Decathlon decided to promote its products by doing a video campaign. In order to be creative, they invented a new sport the Tai-Chip-Hop, a mix of Tai Chi and hip-hop.

The video was launched on Weibo and show the viewers how to practice this new sport with the models wearing Domyos clothes, of course!

A big success, for a great idea!

It was a real success for the brand on the chinese social network Weibo, as in 7 weeks 40 millions of people have seen the video and the number of fans increased by 94% and the sale by 80% and more surprising TaiChip-Hop competitions flourished throughout the country.


Why it worked?

Because it was fun and it invited users to react!

These two examples show us how effective a video can be and the profit that it can bring in term of sale or brand awareness.

But to create a good video you must follow the following steps:

  • It’s important to define first your objectives: Do you want to increase your brand awareness, your sale or your number of fans…?
  • What kind of videos do you want to do? A tutorial, a web-series or a video for social networks?
  • Where are you going to post it? Social medias, videos platforms, on your web site?
  • What broadcast format are you going to choose? Pre-roll or click-to-pay?

Once the goals are set up, you can start to think to a creative way of presenting your products, realize the video, download it and wait for your target to react. But, don’t forget to answer to your community, as it’s a way to maintain a link with them.

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