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If you want your brand to be taken seriously, then it's time for an official account.

Account Management

Content, community…and more! We’ll take care of it all for you with a personalized plan following your guidelines


RED Store

We help you register, launch and manage your RED Store

Xiaohongshu KOLs

With our assistance connect with the right KOLs for your brands

Live Streaming

Unlock the benefits of Live streaming & short video marketing

Xiaohongshu Native Ads

Get a visibility boost thanks to native ads - we design, run & manage your campaigns

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Xiaohongshu official account opening service

To get started with Little Red Book, you must first have an official account on their system as either a merchant or company. Registering can be complicated and requires lots of paperwork in Chinese! It is a good idea to hire an experienced Xiaohongshu agency if you want the process of getting listed as an official brand on the social media smoothly and without any complications.

Xiaohongshu Account Management Service

Account management is key to the success of your marketing strategy on Xiaohongshu. it goes from content planning and creation to community management. Our team of experts assigned to you will design original content with great storytelling, that follows trends and china marketing calendars and trends. A community manager will also be assigned to your project to animate your account, as well as mitigate any negative reviews.

Marketing Campaigns Service

We run varied marketing campaigns with your goals in mind: Kol campaigns for ORM, Paid advertising for visibility and special events, contests to build followers' loyalty, buzz marketing to grow your fan base, live streaming, and short video campaigns for awareness and engagements.

Xiaohongshu / Little Red Book - Frequently Asked question

What is xiaohongshu/ the little red book app?

Xiaohongshu is a popular Chinese social media. The app was launched in 2013 and started out as a reviews apps. It has in many regards become the Instagram of China. Its main user base is made of women (gen z and millennials) living in 1st and 2nd tiers Chinese cities.

Why Fashion and Luxury brands need have a presence on Xiaohongshu?

There are a few reasons why fashion and luxury brands need to have a presence on Xiaohongshu (also known as “Red”). First, the app core is UGC through shopping notes (reviews).Highly trusted content by Chinese consumers. These consumers will frequently browse the app for products and service reviews Second, Red is an unparalleled platform for connecting with Chinese shoppers. Not only does it have over 300 million monthly active users, but it also has a highly engaged user base that spends an average of 4 hours per day on the app. This provides brands with a captive audience of potential customers.

Is the little red book app an ecommerce plaform?

Yes, it is! after its initial success as a unicorn app, Xiaohongshu launched its RED store. An e-commerce function is directly integrated into the app. Many fashions and luxury brands have already invested in the platform as an additional sales channel as social e-commerce is experiencing quite the growth in China.