Young, Wealthy and Free : The New Chinese Way Of Life

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These young wealthy Chinese who spend freely

Young  rich Chinese live a luxurious life and does not hide it on social networks.

A group of young rich Chinese women share luxurious photos of their life on Instagram. Despite the many warnings from the government telling them to stop showing off their wealth on social networks, young women can not help exposing their wealth.

Chinese Paris Hilton

New “Chinese Paris Hilton” , they are mostly girls of Chinese billionaires. They appreciate the finer things in life, traveling the world in private jet set.


To try to control this gilded youth, called “Fuerdai” in Chinese which means the second generation of young wealthy Chinese, the President Xi Jinping had to take drastic measures.

Beijing censors Rich Kids show on Social Media

These strict policies, there is censorship of rich young people participating in  Tv reality shows to try to reduce the gap between different social classes in China. However, the president has not managed to control social networks in the same way.

Despite the attempts of the President Xi Jinping to ask wealthy Chinese to adopt a modest attitude, young Chinese rich are constantly envious of share pictures of clothes and accessories from top designers, cars and expensive bottles of champagne parading without limit.

bague 16 carat

One of the young women named Al, which has more than 5,000 followers on Instagram posted a picture of a sparkling ring with 16 carat with a beautiful pink pearl in the center.

While showing her jewelry collection, Al has also posted a photo highlighting a wine bottle row overpriced.

grand échezeaux

In the photo we see a row of bottles Grands Echezeaux, a red wine sold at $ 420 a bottle.

She writes under “wines to accompany a homemade dinner”
“By far the 2004 best taste among these babies. “

sac chanel

A similar Instagram upload xiaoyi, She shared a photo of her posing next to a marble swimming pool with a Chanel beach bag on her shoulder.

celine shoes

In another picture, she displayed three pairs of Celine shoes, a pair is about $ 6,000, enough to make all young woman dream about.

It is hard not to envy the exceptional travel Weymi Cho when we take a look at her holidays’ pictures.

plats weymi cho

Not only does she shared pictures of beautiful landscapes and local culinary specialties, Weymi love taking pictures of her in the lobby of luxury hotel complexes entries.

weymi cho

Like other young Chinese women’s  from social elite, Weymi has managed to build an impressive presence on social networks. She has more than 30,000 followers on her Instagram account.

sian vivi

For fans of extravagant trips, Sian Vivi knows how to tempt everyone to travel abroad.

sian vivi2

Stunning photos of herself in the pool, or on board of a yacht, that is undoubtedly why 71,000 people follow her adventures online.

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    Everything in China seems to be lead and influenced by those who have the power: wealthy millennials! I often do studies about Chinese millennials and their consumption behavior, I would be interested in reading more about them if you have some interesting data!

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