YSL top Marketing Campaign for 520 event (I love you)

Origin of May 20/520, the Valentine’s Day of the Chinese Internet

In China, lovers have gradually given “521” the meaning of “I am ready” or “I love you”. Online Valentine’s Day is also known as “Marriage Day”, “Love Expression Day”, “Love Festival”, etc.

May 20 and 21 are the two days of online Valentine’s Day in China every year. They are phonetically identical to “I (5) LOVE (2) you (0/1) in Chinese”. It has nothing to do with China’s thousand-year-old history. And, it is rather a product of commercial promotions in China in the 21st century.

China does not consider it a holiday, or at least not an official holiday. However, this Chinese Valentine’s Day is a time when restaurants and cinemas are more crowded and more expensive.

Today, May 20 is more significant as a day for men to show their love to young Chinese women. This means that women can expect gifts and hongbao on this day. Some Chinese also choose this date for their wedding ceremony.

Many people believe that February 14 is Valentine’s Day. China has many Valentine’s Day celebrations. They also celebrate Valentine’s Day in February on 20 May 2020 (520th day) and the Qixi Festival. Both of these holidays are unique Chinese valentines.

Although the “holiday” of 521 or 520 is not officially recognized, many Chinese Valentine’s Day celebrations include 520 and 521.

2020 is a special year. The whole country is fighting the pandemic, and consumers are affected. However, this year the “520 days” should not be affected. This Chinese holiday is different from the previous one.

However, many companies are still trying to use this holiday to engage their online audience.

Prada’s 520 campaign page on Weibo

Take, for example, the luxury brand Prada. It launched a #prada520# topic via Weibo. The campaign was launched with Cai Xukun as the brand’s spokesperson. As of May 5, the campaign had accumulated 180 million views.

“520 days” for marketers

For marketers in China, this trend and festival could be an excellent opportunity to reach and engage a target audience.

Online Valentine’s Day promotion is essential for e-commerce professionals who love festival promotions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet confession shared in WeChat Moments or a selection of popular small gifts. The marketplace can’t say no to all the great ideas the festival has to offer.

The “5*20 Confession Day” has become a great time to promote big business. Orders for roses are increasing rapidly, chocolates are selling well and hotels are full. These roses have become the standard for this “520-day festival”.

Features of Valentine’s Day 520


“520” homophony is very popular, many young people choose this day to get their marriage certificate. Some young people also discuss “520” in the QQ WeChat Moments group as a hot topic. Many people send red WeChat envelopes (mainly men) to their relatives. They then post on social networks with screenshots.

Many middle-aged adults in their 40s and 50s are now participating in 520 festivals. They send flowers, and chocolates and deliver cakes.

Younger people

The people who are interested in 520 Day – Online Valentine’s Day are mostly younger than 30. They are open to new ideas. They spend their free time online. The 2.14 Valentine’s Day followers are mixed with all three generations. Thus, the over-30s, more influenced by tradition, are more likely to choose a Valentine’s Day with a strong Western flavor.


The gifts that are sent on Valentine’s Day are more spiritual than those sent by traditional mail.

Internet users are attracted by novelty. It is therefore important to be creative with your password to give your confessions a better chance of success.


Valentine’s Day (14 February) is most appropriate for couples in a committed relationship. Men and women prefer to express their love using 520 Internet Valentine’s Day. Some people are embarrassed to express their love in person. That’s why the Internet allows them to use digital passwords and send “520”, “521” or “I love you” via the Internet.

Saint Laurent’s Tmall Super Brand Day is a major event in the “520” perspective.

Brands are launching romantic campaigns to appeal to young consumers who celebrate China’s Valentine’s Day, which falls on 20 May.

Yves Saint Laurent, a French luxury fashion house, appears to be leading the way, having recorded hundreds of millions of cumulative exposures on the Internet since the launch of its campaign on April 30 in collaboration with Tmall Super Brand Day. This incubator for successful campaigns was created by Chinese e-commerce giant Tmall.

YSL is partnering with the Chinese edition of T Magazine to organize the first Tmall Super Brand Day. The campaign saw the first unveiling of a pink version of its Kate bag collection. The color is meant to represent the love that has been dedicated to this special event. Two Chinese celebrities from the post-1995 era, Liu Lingzi, and Zhang Yishang, also presented other colors. This is a nod to the theme of the campaign.

The event will also celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of Saint Laurent’s flagship shop at the Luxury Pavilion on Tmall. This is a digital marketing hub for international brands, following the arrival of Bottega Veneta (also part of the Kering Group).

Saint Laurent, in addition to enlisting the support of celebrities and KOLs on social media, has also created an interactive 3D experience that allows consumers to try on the different styles in an immersive environment. These initiatives address the Chinese desire for individuality and get them excited about new technologies.

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