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Advertise online to attract Chinese consumers

Due to the latent domestic market in fashion industry, lots of brands are trying to settle in China. But it is way easier to say it than to do it. Chinese market is mostly based on online market and online communication. Focusing on the online segment to increase your reputation is definitely a relevant choice. A coherent online advertisement reflects the brand’s smartness to improve its notoriety, to boost its awareness and to develop its popularity. Because of the fierce competition, it is very helpful for you, as a cosmetic brand, to have experts to support you during your online advertising.

Online advertising agency in China

A Panel of Solutions to Define and Achieve your Online Advertising Strategy

Increase your Visibility

Using SEO/SEM, we increase your visibility on search engines, like Baidu, and other websites. Consumers can then easily find you when searching information about your brand.

Strengthen Online Reputation

Chinese consumers buy a lot upon popularity, especially when it comes to clothing. Increase your Online Reputation will help to increase future buyers' trust.

Manage Chinese Community

We can help you manage your brand community online, on social medias and forums, in order to improve your advertisement's impacts.

Build E-commerce in China

E-commerce is booming in China. Create your e-shop now is a great opportunity for developing your brand in fashion industry.