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Make yourself more visible on Baidu

Baidu represents 58% of the Chinese search engine market it shares with Qi Hoo 360 (25%) and Sogou (13%). Since Google can’t be used in China, it is unavoidable to adapt your SEO strategy on Baidu in order to be seen by Chinese consumers. Baidu SEO is different from Google SEO or any other SEO, it is therefore important to have experts to lead you to be ranked among the top fashion websites on Chinese search engines.

Our services for your SEO on Baidu in China

A Panel of Solutions to Help you Settle your SEO Strategy on Baidu

Increase your Visibility

Using SEO/SEM, we increase your visibility on search engines, like Baidu, and other websites. Consumers can then easily find you when searching information about your brand.

Keyword Mining and Keyword Database Setup

Keyword Mining allows to find relevant content through specific keywords. Insert these keywords in your content will definitely help you rank better in SEO.

Internet Word of Mouth – Buzz Marketing

Create a viral buzz among consumers about your brand or your product will lead them to search more about your company.

Manage Chinese Community

Manage Chinese Community is also part of Baidu SEO. More we talk about your brand, better it is for your SEO.