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Gentlemen is your advertising Fashion agency in Shanghai and China

We are an Advertising Agency based in Shanghai specialized in the Chinese Fashion industry. We have a large expertise on this field and therefore we can help you to reach and attract Chinese fashion consumers. We have a deep knowledge of the Chinese market because we understand how consumers think and what are their needs, habits and purchasing behaviors.
The fashion industry has rapidly grown during the past years becoming one of the most profitable markets in China.
China is a different and complicated market where the rules, needs and behaviors are constantly evolving. This is the main reason why you, as fashion companies and brands that want to have success on the Chinese market need to use an Advertising Agency such as ours!

Our services for advertising your Fashion brand in China

A Panel of Solutions to Promote your Fashion brand in China


As experts in SEO/SEM on Chinese search engines such as Baidu, we offer services such as consulting, website audit and content creation to increase your visibility online.

Online PR

Effective online PR increases your presence on Chinese online media, it improves your brand image and e-reputation among Chinese fashion consumers.

Community Management

Manage community online has two major roles: to communicate and interact with the community and to collect information on daily life basis.

Videos and Photos

Professional videos and photos are efficient tools to promote fashion brands and products among the Chinese Fashion community.