Fashion luxury agency in China

Fashion Marketing services for China


You are a fashion Brands, shops, distributors and you want to communicate to Chinese consumers. You can find our services used in Fashion industry in China.

Digital Solution

In order to nip it in the bud, you need to have a responsive team that will do an e-reputation campaign to preserve your reputation and bring back positive reviews, comments and testimonials about your fashion brand, manage your ereputation, working on your online Branding.


branding ChinaWe have digital solution in increase the popularity of Brands in China : using Viral strategy, public relation, or social media


REPUTATION CHINAWhat need a premium or luxury Brand in China ?Image, it is the key to get customers. We like to work on the user experience, using opinion Leaders, luxury news, and social media to improve your image among Chinese Rich People.


We help brands for their Design of their advertising & promotion supports, their  webdesign, and their multimedia tools. Visual is Key point in Fashion in China.

Community management

Social-Media fashion ChinaSocial media are so popular in China and consumers use to check everything online before taking any purchase. Using social media strategy van really influence buyers, and we recommand to every Fashion Brands who want to communicate in China.


REPUTATION CHINAWe can produce innovative video and creative Photo to let your Fashion Brand be special. hoto shooting, recruiting model, create a special atmosphere, and give you the photo that your customers

Consulting & Market Survey

branding ChinaWe can help you to understand Chinese Market with Consulting and Market Survey.

Ecommerce in China

ecommerce-Chinae-commerce in China is thebiggsest market in the world for Clothing. More than 20% of the cloths are sold via Internet. We have services to help companies to use online plateforms to sell their products.

Viral Marketing

social media china fashionWe have tools to influence Chinese People, using Internet word of mouth to let them share your information among their Friends. Viral Marketing is usefull to let buyer discover your Brand story and your video.

Key Opinion Leader

star fashion china

Get a star or Opinion leader who will speak about your brand will be a great help. We use to organize Campaign to recruit online Ambassadors for Fashion Brands in China.

Buzz- event

buzz FashionWe use to create strategy to let Chinese people speak about your brands. Using buzz Marketing can be a very effective way if it is well planned with great excecution.