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Internet Word of Mouth Agency in China

Improve your IWOM to reach more Chinese consumers

In fashion industry, like in other industries in China, brand reputation is an important element to promote your products. However, a successful reputation isn’t about what company says about itself, but what Chinese consumers say about the brand. The online community is a crucial factor for becoming viral and staying at the top. Viral marketing will increase your Internet word of mouth and thus boost your brand’s awareness.

Our services for boosting your iWOM in China

A Panel of Solutions to Help you Settle your Internet Word of Mouth Strategy

Online Community Management

Chinese customers are more satisfied of brands who react online and this leads them talk more about it.

Buzz Marketing

Create a viral buzz about your brand to make online and offline customers talk about you.


More the consumers talk about your fashion brand, faster your brand will grow.

Online Reputation

Working on your IWOM will increase your online reputation and lend more notoriety to your brand.