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Fashion in China

Fashion in China is all about branding !

When Fashion rushes the Chinese market! China’s economy grew up very quickly these last years and a purchasing power’s increasing was noticed. In addition, middle-class is shifting to upper class which changes their consumption behaviour. Then, they have different expectations regarding products they buy. Indeed, today, Chinese consumers are very attracted by luxury brands which offer…

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5 E-Commerce Tips to expand your brand (in China)

How can you use e-commerce to promote and sell your products? China is beginning the biggest market in the world for a lot of different kind of product including fashion and luxury. There are many ways to promote it and attract the customer, but you have to know that in China, communication and promotion is…

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China Menswear’ Fashion is taken under the spotlight

Evolving in the shadow of the Womenswear market, China’s Menswear market is becoming more and more important for a growing number of brands. The market is currently representing 43% of China’s overall apparel industry. China was the fifth largest market for Luxury Ready-To-Wear Menswear in 2014 and it is now expected to become the 2nd largest…

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China is strongly cutting taxes on imported products

Taxes on imported products can be extremely high in China. The Chinese Government used to practice this kind of methods as a protectionist way to grow domestic consumption. But, as a result of these practices, the consumption of counterfeited products raised and the wealthier part of the population managed to purchase their products while they…

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Beware of the Chinese growing appetite for trendy niche fashion brands!

Ostentatious luxury is no longer a thing in China ! Luxury goods used to be consumed by Chinese people in order to prove a certain social status and to show everyone else how wealthy you are. The Chinese luxury market is getting more complicated, as customers now wants to distinguish themselves. We thought that the…

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