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Weibo Agency in China

Promote your brand and products on the most popular Chinese social media, Weibo

Weibo is one of the basic tool to use is you plan any social media strategy in China. With always more and more functions, Weibo offers the possibility to spread contents to a large community of netizens. It is almost unavoidable for sharing information with Chinese consumers. It is essential to ensure a well-established social media strategy on Weibo in order to be more competitive on the fashion market. Fashion is all about trends and Weibo can easily spread your reactivity to fashion trends. Nonetheless, it isn't an easy social media to master efficiently for business purposes an expertise in this field is highly recommended.

Our services for your Weibo strategy

Improve your brand's awareness with Weibo

Influencers, KOL and Celebrities

Collaborate with Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders to promote your brand and products on Weibo.

Content Creation

Create suitable contents for your brand, in Mandarin, about Fashion, on Weibo: this is how customized are our services.


Build and strengthen your brand on Weibo, with many options for sharing contents about your brand and your products

Community Management

Manage efficiently your community will help to get more exposure, no matter if it is online or offline. Results are obviously more reputation and therefore more consumption.