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Understand the Chinese Social Media Landscape for Succeeding

Social media platforms are very popular in China. Chinese users spend a large amount of time on social media. The two most popular sites currently are Weibo and WeChat. They both have millions of monthly active users. Social medias platforms are very popular in China and Chinese users spend a large amount of time on social medias. The two most popular right now are Weibo and WeChat. They both have millions of monthly actives users. Chinese consumers are constantly connected, they use social media platforms as a source of information. Consumers in China are highly influenced by the opinions and comments of other users. Managing your e-reputation and promoting positive content about your brand on these networks can prove highly effective.We can help you create your brand’s official accounts on certain Chinese social networks according to your needs and target audience. We can help you focus on the best forum where your target consumer is. Brand awareness can be increased among Chinese consumers by creating communities on social networks with the help of 'Key Opinion Leaders'. Key Opinions Leaders are very powerful in the fashion industry, they can help you reach consumers who are strongly influenced by their views and opinions. They have thousands or even millions of followers on social media so recruiting them to post on behalf of your brand is key.You need to use social media to engage with consumers by creating interesting content and by interacting with your followers. This is very important in China, consumers love direct communication with brands and social networks must be used to do it.

Our services regarding Chinese Social Media

A Panel of Solutions for being present on Chinese Social Media

Manage Chinese Community

Manage well your community on Wechat or Weibo is difficult when you don't know the specificity of the Chinese media landscape.

Influencers, KOL & Celebrities

Use influencers, key opinion leaders and celebrities to give more power to your posts and campaign online.

Content Creation

It is extremely important to produce relevant and coherent contents, suitable for the Chinese fashion market.

Internet Word of Mouth – Buzz Marketing

Social media are the best way to spread viral buzz online and make netizens talk about your brand.