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Make the Difference with Professional Videos

In China, 1-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. It is much easier to reach Chinese consumers by using a video than publishing written contents. The video remains easily in people’s mind and with this stronger impact, the brand gains in popularity. Professional videos are the additional element that makes the difference among the competition and having experts in this field that also understand the Chinese market is all beneficial for you.

Our services for your videos in China

A Panel of Solutions for Making Professional Videos in China

Manage Chinese Community

Having your video spread among the community, on relevant Social Medias is essential to boost truly your notoriety.

Market Survey

Understand the fashion market trends allows to display trending elements that consumers are going to keep in mind.

Influencers, KOL and Celebrities

Influencers will boost your videos views no matter which industry you are in, but this is totally necessary in Fashion.

Content Creation

Create coherent and suitable contents for your videos, but also to support your videos online.