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AMASIA - End-to-End Solutions for Real Estate Transactions with Chinese Buyers.

The Brand & Campaign Context

Amasia has specialized its end to end real estate solution in order to help Chinese buyers with overseas estate investment and non-Chinese sellers to find buyers and investors. For Amasia, the goal in China is Lead Generation. The best strategy to enable leads generation is omnichannel. You'll first need a Website in Chinese optimized for Baidu, then rank on your Keyword with SEO. Complementing with SEM is a good move to gain visibility at the beginning. For Amasia, PR and Q&A are incredible tools as it helps with not only getting views and traffic but also increase their credibility with Chinese buyers.


  • Baidu: In one Month 3 Main keyword ranking 1st, 34pages ranked on Baidu.
  • In China 85 leads in one month
  • Vietnam Campaign 69 leads in one month
  • Australia Campaign 16 leads in one month – extremely good for such a competitive market
  • PR on 5 real estate related platforms: Increase of Organic traffic and Reputation
  • Q&A: High traffic coming from forums posts

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