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The Brand & Campaign Context

Château Palmer is all about finesse and elegance. In 1814, Charles Palmer is not only a name but a legend when he acquires the Gascq domain in Bordeaux. Over time, these tributes to the surrounding nature of the Margaux appellation and to the heritage of Château Palmer resonate. The complexity of the terroir is expressed in Château Palmer wines. The daily know-how of the Château protects and enriches a plural nature by developing notes of fruits, flowers, and spices: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot. Such a terroir, heritage, and passion needed to be shared in China in the most delicate manner. The Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA) worked on the branding and e-reputation of Château Palmer in China. Through social media campaigns and premium content creation, we increased the visibility and desirability of this ancestral Château in China.