Case Study: COSLYS

COSLYS - French Natural & Biologic Cosmetics.

Our Missions for COSLYS

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The Brand & Campaign Context

The cosmetics industry is expanding rapidly in China. With more than a billion consumers, the Chinese market is the largest in the world with still a big potentiality for new brands. The market is expected to become the world’s second-biggest market in 2020. With China’s GDP increasing by about 7% every year, spending on cosmetics grows in line. Discover Coslys, the optimistic organic certified skincare, and beauty brand, which selects its healthy and natural ingredients from local producers to delight the family every day.


  • +32 000 followers on Weibo
  • +2 000 followers on WeChat
  • Over 1 000 reads per article on WeChat
  • Featured PR by quality e-media sources: PC LADY, YOKA, etc.
  • Over 200 discussions about Coslys on Chinese Forums