Case Study: ISAL PARIS

ISAL PARIS - Fashion Business School in Paris.

Our Missions for ISAL PARIS

Brand Awareness Baidu SEO Website Translation

The Brand & Campaign Context

ISAL Fashion Business School is a high-end fashion school specialized in fashion and creative management for students and professionals. It is passing on its luxury experience with its specific education knowhow. Here is their website: Inspired by its creators, Lu Hua and Alexis Doutriaux, ISAL Paris is the first Fashion Lab that brings together France and China. ISAL trains students in the Fashion and Digital Lifestyle professions and advises companies in their development and sourcing projects.Fashion is an exciting world that is constantly changing and evolving, crossed by multiple trends and very varied players: between the proximity of Made in France and the international, independent creators and large companies, technological innovations and natural materials, it is an expansion, a culture broth. And this culture sometimes struggles to get noticed. This is why ISAL also supports young fashion brands in their promotion. They needed our agency to increase their SEO ranking on Baidu and its brand awareness.