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The Brand & Campaign Context

Established in 2008, TBH Group began as a stand-alone business operating one 24 hour gym to a diverse group of over 50 companies from 8 different industry sectors specializing in the areas of franchising, health & wellness, children’s nutrition & education, pre & postnatal health & nutrition, hospitality & property. TBH Group is Australian owned and proud to be focused on improving the health and wellness of the next generation of youth as well as financial freedom for everyday people through a variety of passive investment pathways. The focus for 2018 is back to grassroots with a heavy focus on infant nutrition, adult wellness, mental health, business diversification, and investments. To attract Chinese tourists in a luxury hotel in the Maldives islands, our agency helped the TBH group through various missions to increase the hotel's brand awareness in China. We helped the group to manage the e-reputation of the luxury hotel in China to various campaigns on Chinese social media and KOLs. We also helped the group to rank better on Baidu thanks to SEO in China.



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