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Our Missions for NZANDBEYOND

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Nzandbeyond, a collection store focusing on girls' skincare from New Zealand. Nzandbeyond, the full name of New Zealand and beyond, originates from and is loyal to New Zealand. As their slogan said, "bringing pure New Zealand to China! In the past six months, NZandbeyond has gathered the support and authorization of more than 200 niche exquisite brands, signed contracts with many brands, and won many enterprise awards. The Chinese cosmetics industry is full of opportunities , NZANDBEYOND naturally decided to give it a try, especially with its products belonging to the growing niche segment of natural high-end cosmetics. But because the market is also complex and competitive, the organic beauty brand needs a little help from a team of professional marketing experts in China to get started. This is where we appear in the NZandBeyound story. We concocted a customized results-driven digital marketing strategy targeted at Chinese cosmetics consumers. The goal is to grow NZandBeyound brand awareness and reputation in China through various Chinese social media such as WeChat on Weibo and more notably the Little Red Book which is the APP for beauty and lifestyle brands in China. We also opened a Wechat Store so consumers convinced by the brand can easily purchase their favorite products.