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Chinese Distributors & Resellers of Fashion / Clothing / Apparel

You want to contact Chinese Distributors,  Resellers of Fashion /clothing in China, or get in touch with Apparel Distribution Players (even know Agents)  ? 

We can help you to identify these Chinese distributors

We may provide you list of retaillers, shopping Mall, Chinese distributors and can help you to contact them.Resellers China Fashion

How to succeed ?

It is not what you think. they do not want to collaborate with small unknown Brand in China.They want easy products to sell. 

Process to success ;

  • Invest in a First Communication Campaign 
  • Wechat marketing , PR , eReputation Marketing 
  • Contact them or praticipate to a trade fair 
  • Continue to visit them , negociate with them 
  • Sell first goods to them. 
  • Invest in Marketing/ Communication in China 
wechat in China

What is a Distributor in China ?

A distributor in China is a Company that buys products or clothing lines, have warehousesto stock them, and resells them to Small Chinese retailers or direct to the end users or customers. – Read more: 
  • Most distributors in China  provide strong manpower and cash support to the supplier or manufacturer’s promotional efforts.
  • They usually not provide other services and they are not good at this.
  • They are not here to invest in their supplier brand (you are their supplier)

Distribution in Apparel in China is complex

We can provide Consulting to help you to understand this Market.China Distribution We can also explain how

To deal with Chinese distributors

In developing Guanxi (relationship) with China Resellers, you need to repeatedly exchange information with them, show  marketing plan

The communication is the key to establish great Business relationship.

When you plan to visit China, it is highly recommended to use help of a Partner (can be us can be other company

Only partnership with Reliable Distributors 

Check information and reputation of the potential distributor , it may be privately owned limited liability company.

how to cover all Chinese Market

You have to know that few distributors/wholesellers can operate everywhere in China….. They use other distributors to sell to other region/province.You may have to identify many local distributors to cover the whole Chinese market. But you should start with working with strategic area. Hire a sales Agent ?Yes usually it is recommend to hire a local Sales agent with experience that will prospect Shops, distributors and Malls


-We can help you to understand the Chinese Market and help you to penetrate it. -We can help you with your Marketing Campaign

-We can support you to develop your Business in China

 Contact us for more information, our consultant team will explain how it works

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    August 28, 2017 at 3:16 am

    My name is Elazar, I am a professional designer, I specialize in branding for companies, products, events. I have worked with entrepreneurs and companies both in Israel and abroad, consulting brands at the very early stage as well as established companies. People says me that I have unique business approach and innovative thinking. I want to know more information about your offer ?

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    We are already exporting nearly 20 years including 6 to China. I run workshops, do live stream, teach organic skincare to moms and am a freelance writer. We had some success in Watson, China (retail) the only Australian brand to do so. We are looking to partner with Watson for ecommerce. I in HK this week then China educating. can you send to us your Contact list please, we want to work with distributors in China

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    September 5, 2017 at 2:45 am

    Sure Catherine, we will contact you. 😉

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