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Top model Lu Yan launched his new collection “comme moi “

Lu Yan launched his new collection through Lane Crawford stores, 

Lu Yan the Chinese top model launches its new collection

Lu Yan began her career in 1999, since then she has paraded on catwalks in pieces designed by the world class designers such as Alexander McQueen and Lanvin. She was significantly one of the first Chinese models to model for international high fashion. She has proven herself to be a pioneer in the fashion world as the first Chinese model to launch her own clothing line.She recalls the start of her career in modeling “Beauty is relative. In the West, my look has captivated right away. In China it has taken years for people to accept me. Chinese find me ugly and not feminine enough. My eyes are too small, my mouth too big and here we do not like freckles. I do not care. I followed my own path without looking back. I started in Beijing, but it was difficult as agencies ignored me. I was then spotted by ‘Metropolita’ agency, I went to paris and everything happened so fast. ”She then said; “having my own collection has always been a dream. If you stay in this industry, you must always continue to learn, you develop and it challenges you. My experiences encouraged me to start my own collection.”

Comme moi

 The new collection by Lu Yan is titled “like me”, it is a line of versatile clothing that is both stylish and comfortable, while remaining personal to the style of the individual.Like me; “is a reflection of yourself, I like things that are not complex, I encourage you to experiment with fashion, everyone has to remain true to their own style and find something that suits them. My new clothing line does this”, she declared.

The beginning of the launch


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Early sales were slow, but the collection has become increasingly attractive and sold well with retailer Lane Crawford exhibiting the collection in its stores. The sales boost was aided by Patti Smith who made a documentary “Dream of Life” which was inspired by the collection. We see in the documentary a series of military models. The collection is varied, it includes coats, wide-leg trousers and more masculine style striped costumes. Each style is accessorized with shoes or boots produced in collaboration with Christian Louboutin.“I encourage every woman to break free and to show what’s true. You have to be a super woman. Dressing should be fun, relaxing and easy. Through my clothes you can show your true nature” declared Lu yan. 

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comme_moiLu Yan is one of the most innovative, pioneering Chinese models to have paraded on catwalks across the globe and also launch her own collection. Being spotted by a Parisian agency facilitated her success. With China’s economy growing rapidly and the rise of social networks in China she hopes to inspire other girls like her, encouraging them to succeed and create their own clothing brands.Also read

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