5 E-Commerce Tips to expand your brand (in China)

How can you use e-commerce to promote and sell your products?

China is beginning the biggest market in the world for a lot of different kind of product including fashion and luxury. There are many ways to promote it and attract the customer, but you have to know that in China, communication and promotion is really different than any other country. Chinese user are digitals, they consult, buy and give their opinion in Internet, from their phone to computers, there are still in front of a screen. You have to take advantage of this trend to promote your product in the best way. Here we are going to introduce you 5 digital tips to promote your brand in China.

Baidu, Still very important for Branding

When you think about digital marketing strategy, the first thing which has to come in your mind is SEO. What is SEO? It’s the best way to make your website viewable. The problem is in China you have to forget Google, which is substituted by Baidu. The most used Chinese search engine has some common point with Google: functionalities, speed, content… But the SEO is for some points different. So you have to learn how to be on the first page, how to use a PPC campaign and how to choose the good keywords. Then, in order to be more viewable, we advise you to make your website hosted in China and to write it full in Mandarin. It will increase your chance to be in the first page.


Chinese Social medias, a strong influence on consumers

On the fashion industry, you have to know how important are social medias. It allows your consumers to learn about what they need according to other client opinions, and of course to have a close relationship with the company. Social medias allow companies to begin some certain points, more human. You give some human values to your company to be liked by consumers. Then, create a relationship with the user will improve is confidence and maybe he is going to buy what you sell. In order to make your social media campaign efficient, you have to hire a KOL. There are influencers and when they wear, buy or just talk about some stuffs, people want to reproduce it. So hire the good opinion leader is something really important in your digital marketing campaign.

Gucci China
But, what are the main social medias in China ?

Like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Are forbidden! So how could you do for your social media campaign? Don’t worry, China has its own substitute: Weibo, Wechat, QQ.. copies from what we use to use in Western countries. You have to keep in mind that Weibo gather more than 200 million different users per day, and Wechat has just overtook the 650 million of account. There are some other special medias specialized in the fashion industry so you have to be aware of what they are.Social medias landscapeChina: A mobile friendly country


When you take the decision to start a digital marketing campaign in China, you don’t have to forget the importance of mobile. Mobile is taking bigger and bigger importance in the world of e-Commerce. In order to take this advantage, you have to be adapted to the people need. And what they need? To buy in the easiest way that they can. There are so many ways to manage this new trend (apps, mobile website…) but what we advise you to do is a responsive website. A responsive website is a site which is the same from one device to an other. Using this way will allow you to get more loyalty and trust from your customers who will never feel lost.

10 Tips WeChat Strategy (9)

In China, a good e-Reputation = the marketer’s Grail.

All the previous tips have one common point: they help you to acquire a good e-Reputation. Being viewable, be followed by a large community on social medias that has a good opinion, having a easy website to use will drive your company to the success you deserve. If e-reputation is that much important, it’s because Chinese people need to be trustful with your brand before to buy anything. Mainly in the fashion industry where they are afraid of the fake product. So our last advice for you is to use your website as a showroom and sell in famous online platforms in order to make people more confident with your products or services.


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