China and its Australia passion

For Chinese people, Australia means high quality. An emerge universal commercial center with solid exchange connections and affiliations with China makes it a legitimate country with regards to offering items and administrations from down under. Australia’s ideal topographical area, closeness to China and prominent business development in China is setting the phase for a rewarding period of cross fringe trade.

The Chinese market big demand for Australian products

China’s retail showcase is a second just after the US and Australia’s biggest exchanging partner while Australia is China’s seventh biggest with two-way exchange esteemed at over $A155 billion in 2015.

Chinese Domestic product keeps on developing by 7% year-on-year, actually, there are around 350 million middle-class Chinese shoppers and  100 million top of the line buyers. The potential for Australian brands to take advantage of this is immense.

Blackmores is Australia's most trusted brand for vitamin, mineral & nutritional supplements.According to Tmall Global, health products dominate the ranking of Australian brands marketing online in China. Other fascinating digital brands are additionally coming back with players like “Hop The Wall” that connects Australian corporations with Chinese tourists through WeChat. Platforms like this will actually facilitate the expansion of Australian tiny and medium-sized businesses.

How to win the Chinese’ heart?

Wealthier purchasers currently look for quality(in a commercial center broadly connected with fake merchandise), worldwide imported brands promoted in the correct way. The Australian brands are a sign of legitimacy, quality and speak to the direct opposite of poorer quality in Chinese products.

Australia’s status is viewed as exceedingly with the positive thumb on impacts for brands, organizations, and administrations. The concept of “Face” is what really matter for Chinese and this concept is the way one is perceived by their social groupH.

The answer is ONLINE

To grab the open doors Australian brands must go on the web and target shoppers on the most proficient stages.

Chinese E-commerce Platforms

China is the world largest connected country,  Chinese people  used their smart phones everywhere, they make a lot of purchases with their phones. The Chinese E-commerce is very powerful, all international companies or brand which want to sell products in China should integrate Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,, Taobao… Alibaba, as China’s biggest e-retail with its flagship platform Tmall, to guarantee the authenticity of products.

Little Red Book

Little Red Book is a social e-commerce app that helps users discover and buy luxury, fashion, and beauty products from overseas, share shopping tips and swap fashion ideas.

 Personal Shoppers(Daigou)

Personal Shoppers(Daigou) which in Chinese means “buy on behalf of a third-party”  a channel of commerce in which a person outside of China purchases commodities for a customer in mainland China

What about visibility and reputation?

WeChat & Weibo

Wechat&Weibo are the most critical stage as far as branding, it has 1 billion active users(Wechat) and 650 millions active users (Weibo). Here you can increase followers and build a loyal and notorious base.

A good Chinese site

A good Chinese site formatted in a specific way and the back-end optimized in Mandarin Chinese. It should be optimized for Baidu searches and formatted for WeChat in case of promotional purposes.

Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO the dominant Chinese internet search engine company, which offers many of the same products and services like Google. You need to be visible based on Mandarin Character keyword searches with articles and content.

Chinese forums

Chinese forums such as Baidu Tieba. Users are firmly affected by the perspectives and other’s opinion. It’s  essential to assemble your notoriety after some time by making topics.

PR Campaign

PR. Public relations are all about reaching out to the right people. PR pros create and maintain relationships with editors, journalists, and KOL. When you create content that helps or entertains your audience, it gets shared and can even go viral.

News App for Ads

News App for Ads are important for achieving your intended target group, they can be put in news sources dependent on pertinent catchphrase seeks. In addition, that flag publicizing can be inside a news article or an advert made as news content itself.

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