How Luxury Brands Effortlessly Can make Chinese FIT Travellers Walk To Their Stores?

Chinese FIT travellers? Now what type of travellers are those? FIT travellers stands for Free Independent Travellers. The world’s media is raving about affluent Chinese travellers and their passion for luxury goods.

Chinese FIT travellers are young, well-off, well educated, self- reliant and well-travelled individuals. They are highly interested in possessing luxury brands that creates a sense of personalisation and customisation to their individuality.With such luxury brands Chinese millennials want to enjoy unique experience that differentiates them from their peers.

Chinese FIT travellers

Chinese luxury spenders are forerunner of mobile applications and do vigorous research on the brand they wish to buy. Another unique aspect about this new breed of consumers is they are extremely loyal and reliant on their local, social media mobile application.

Wechat app is engrained in their lifestyle. They prefer to use Wechat for all sorts of their social engagements in life. Similarly Wechat’s revolutionary payment methods is also used for paying for luxury purchases. Their overseas travel planning also takes place on Wechat from getting inspired by other friends travel experiences, to booking next travel destinations. FIT travellers dislike rigid travel schedules. They like to experience destinations on their own pace according to their liking and preferences. Now, how to walk FIT travellers to luxury brand stores they like?

The good news is, now Wechat app is not useful for Chinese millennials only. Foreign brands can also have official Wechat store through which they can follow and geo target their Chinese FIT travellers to their stores outside China.

The WeChat store also helps foreign brands to understand shopping habits of their Chinese luxury spenders. Don’t wait too long for next Chinese holiday season, with the help of Gentlemen Marketing Agency, a well-known  digital marketing company for creating official WeChat store for overseas brands in China,  you can now open an official Wechat account and place customised digital marketing strategy to attract Chinese FIT travellers.



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