Shanghai World Jewelry Expo: Is it a Good Fair For your Brand?

Engaging in global fairs can be a direct way to gain exposure in the local market. The Shanghai World Jewelry Expo is such an opportunity for brands who want to enter the Chinese jewelry market. If you can travel to China, we suggest adding this fair to your list. If you cannot enter China yet, you can work with local sales agents to introduce your brand and meet up with potential partners.

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How the Jewelry Expo in China Works?

shanghai jewelry world expo

Since 2006, the Shanghai World Jewelry Expo is held 3 times a year (Spring, Summer, and Autumn exhibitions) in the city center of Shanghai. The exhibition usually lasts for 4 days, when hundreds of brands from all over the world are taking the chance to enter the Chinese market.

The Jewelry Expo in Spring 2022 has launched more than 1,200 booths in a 20,000 m2 hall with over 800 brands engaged. During the 4 days, they will receive more than 20,000 visitors from individual jewelry lovers to commercial buyers. What’s more, the exhibition organizer will also invite buyer groups from other cities out of Shanghai, which benefits the brands with a larger exposure scope and more opportunities. From fine jewelry to high jewelry, Chinese distributors are looking for new brands with strong potential in China.

Which Brands Can Join the Jewelry Expo?

The Jewelry Expo is open to a large variety of brands and companies in the jewelry industry. The participators include jewelry brands, gemstone dealers, jewelry material brands, and jewelry equipment and instruments brands. You won’t need to worry about the entering threshold because this fair is for all the brands in the jewelry industry. In order to maximize your chances, we recommend the following:

  1. Prepare a Chinese brochure and Chinese catalogue in a paper version
  2. Create an e-brochure on WeChat in HTML5 to share easily with Chinese retailers
  3. Optimize your WeChat official account, WeChat personal account, and Chinese website
  4. Get all the contacts through WeChat and generate leads on your website

Want to join the Shanghai World Jewelry Expo? Contact GMA for professional consulting and local support! With our sales team located in our HQ in Shanghai, we can visit the expo for you. We will send 1-2 sales agents and work on the design of your booth. More than 800 brands have trusted GMA and benefited from our support, don’t hesitate and be the next one!

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