Social Medias are a must-have for fashion brands in China

Fashion Brands in China as for Cosmetics require a great reputation, and this even way before starting to sell an amount of products, big enough to ensure a profitability in China, with or without distributors.

3 Fashion leaders will be featured here, is the Chinese’ Fashion rendezvous, par excellence! It allows users to comment on new fashion tendencies or on how celebrities dress, for example. But is above all, a community where buying isn’t direct. Indeed when you are interested in a product, you will be redirected to other selling platforms like Alibaba.

Top Marketing Strategy for  fashion brands in China

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What makes that interesting?

The greatest interest is for sure, the existence of the Sohu Fashion Award which features the greatest celebrities for the occasion. Members of K-pop group like Big Bang can be present for the occasion, they are highly successful Boys Band in China.

Thus, managers can easily take temperature on the latest fashion trends in China thanks to this social network.


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Vogue meets a huge success in China and is now recognized as a reference among fashion magazines in China.

By featuring on Vogue, any company aiming to conquer the Chinese market is sure to gain a fantastic reputation thanks to Vogue’s renown and exposure.


Taobao and Tmall operates a partnership with Mogujie concerning Fashion, allowing fashion brands to be present on the biggest e-commerce platforms in China, registering the highest number of buyers.

 What is the interest for managers?

A Tmall or Taobao store needs promotion, it also needs to broadcast a positive message of the brand. Thus, it will help to promote the brand’s e-shop, increase the number of good comments and user reviews which allows to have a store judged reliable by the platform users.

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On Tmall, users can know the number of purchases made for a particular item and the number of reviews that have been made about the product. As in China the reputation and IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) matters a lot, the more an item will be sold the more other purchasers will want to buy it. In addition to this, Tmall showcase the bestselling items, which helps the product to sell even more.

Case Study: Burberry’s Strategy.

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Burberry has been one of the first luxury brands to venture on the Online Chinese market, and particularly in E-Commerce. Other brands were afraid to lose their prestige by mixing themselves with other brands on these gigantic platforms. This is an obstacle that Burberry easily passed by, they managed to focus on the user experience, that is to say: A Chinese website with high quality photos.

Here is Burberry China’s Home page title: Burberry – 成立于1856年的标志性英国奢侈品牌, which can be translated by: The iconic English brand since 1856. It gives the Chinese users a reassuring feeling thanks to the iconic and 1856 both symbolising the reputation and the expertise of the brand!

An active Weibo account

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Burberry’s Weibo account is close to reach 1 million followers with video content posted on Weibo and shared on Weibo. A high end visual to keep the high end image cherished by luxury brands. Burberry proved it was totally possible to maintain relevant brand image on the market. The brand was the first luxury brand to venture into the online jungle and succesfully preserve its luxury positioning, opening the way for others.

A well-established WeChat Account

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The brand’s WeChat account is certified as shown by the orange icon in the ‘Type’ section with the brand name underneath. In the account history of the brand and every time the brand posts something, you can see the news related to it. Whenever new information arise, subscribers will receive an alert pushing them to go and check the updates.


A presence on prestigious magazines’ cover like Vogue China

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Here, the Chines model Du Juan is representing the luxury brand on the February issue. Burberry is counting on the name of a huge fashion magazine to expose its reputation as luxury experts of the highest standard. Burberry chose to base its campaign on its history and seniority to give confidence to its customers.

Community Management is much much more important for fashion brands in China than in the West. That is why it is highly important to pair up with professionals that perfectly know this constantly changing domain.

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    Hi there! Do you have a complete list of Chinese social media please?

  • Social Medias are a must-have for fashion brands in China
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