The FENDI Joy Yellow , big HIT in China

Today I am going to speak about a trendy product in China the FENDI joy Yellow tea.

Heytea and FENDI, ( the Italian luxury brand under LVMH) creating a joint venture, for new fashionable FENDI Joy Yellow The vibrant yellow color paired with black creates a striking and luxurious appearance.

This collaboration introduces three yellow fruit flavors—mango, fresh orange, and passion fruit—combined with green jasmine tea as the base, creating a special blend called “FENDI Joy Yellow.”

A new leading brand in the new tea drink

With the launch of the FENDI collaboration beverage, Heytea, as a leading brand in the new tea drink market, has experienced an unprecedented surge in demand. Many stores had delivery times of over four hours, and some stores quickly sold out of the FENDI collaboration beverage. Countless posts sharing the beverage flooded platforms like Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) and Weibo, and even Lei Jun posted on Weibo, stating that he also had a cup of the FENDI collaboration version of Heytea.

A viral Success : Giant Marketing Operation

As everyone’s attention is drawn to Heytea’s latest viral success, perhaps few people would think about what the 19 yuan per cup FENDI beverage represents. Is it merely a surge in popularity and traffic? On one side, there is a luxury brand, and on the other side, a price that is easily accessible. In fact, it reflects the future of Heytea’s K-shaped development.

Massive effect for this Cobranding

A Different Collaboration In the beverage industry, collaborations are nothing new.

According to Mingliang Company’s statistics, from April to the end of last year, Heytea launched collaboration beverages approximately every half month during the summer (peak season) and once a month during the winter (off-peak season). Collaboration partners included artists (Takahashi Hiroshi), consumer brands (3CE, Pidan, KUMO KUMO, ZEGL, etc.), film and television IPs (“Dreams and Hua Lu,” “Only This Green,” “Deep Sea,” etc.), esports IPs (Genshin Impact, King of Glory DYG Team), and official platforms (People’s Literature Publishing House, WeChat, Zhihu, WPS), among others.

As a longtime competitor of Heytea, Nayuki Tea also maintains a steady frequency of launching collaboration beverages, with a total of 16 times in 2022.

However, the old problem reemerged after frequent collaborations: when all the leading tea drink brands are playing the collaboration game, what was once “interesting” has become “uninteresting,” and the threshold for consumer excitement continues to rise.

Good or Bad for Fendi?

Fendi Tea 19RMB

This creates a paradox—continuous releases of collaboration beverages are intended to break away from brand homogeneity, but the frequent releases actually reinforce brand homogeneity to some extent.

To avoid blending into the crowd and create refreshing collaboration beverages has become a new challenge for the new tea drink brands.

Impact on the Brand awareness

The collaboration between Heytea and FENDI is named “Joy Yellow,” priced at 19 yuan per cup. Purchasing two cups of “Joy Yellow” tea entitles customers to choose between a coaster or a badge, along with a tote bag featuring the FENDI English logo.

Currently, on the Xianyu app (a popular second-hand marketplace), resellers are offering Heytea FENDI collaboration merchandise, including combinations of “1 coaster + 1 cup sleeve + 1 paper bag + 1 empty cup” priced at over 200 yuan.

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