The top 10 luxury fashion brands searched online in China.

What’s the most popular and luxury fashion brand that you know in China? And did you know which brand ranked on the top of the most luxurious brand one line at present in China? 2014 is almost over, let’s take a look which Luxury fashion brand has been the most competitive brand in Chinese market and recognized by Chinese customers online?

Here is the most searched luxury fashion brand index which based on the Baidu Index by November 2014.It has been gained interest of Chinese customer’s spending on luxury Goods.  Chinese customer spent their money on buying luxury fashion goods which accounts in total of 14.9% of luxury market spending in 2013.

No.1 Chanel


There is no surprise that CHANEL still on the game of luxury fashion business. According to the research, CHANEL was the No.1 online searched globally luxury fashion brand in China and professionals predict that its competitiveness will stay strong.

Why CHANEL can overtake other brands and being known as the best luxury fashion brand in China?Firstly, CHANEL entered into Chinese market earlier than other brands since early 90s and its name was first introduced to Chinese customer, and there was no other brand that Chinese customer could speak out back then. They have really made good impression to the Chinese customer. So, Chanel has been really built a strong connection with the customer.

Secondly, Channel has been spread classy and elegant brand image through social media and at same time, its digital marketing strategy combines young and enthusiasm which really gains support from young customers online. And also the strategy they are using is really close to the Chinese tastes. This strategy really makes them always caught attention by the target audience.

No.2 Cartier


The brand has become the most successful jewry campaign online in China and it’s success all comes to focus on the female market and beautiful story of online advertising campaign.

They are smart enough to think deeply with regard to what women want and what they are willing to buy.

They have been magnificently executed the connection between women and Cartier brand which starts with the brand romantic royal love story. And way back 1999, Cartier had started its online campaign-“Declare your love Cartier” collaboration with music website in China which also focuses on women’s emotion and which really touches women’s heart.


Since then, they were more and more stressing on the women’s emotion execution like 2012‘‘Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards” and latest “L’Odyssée de Cartier” online campaign





No.3 Coach

Coach is sticking on the roots of American lifestyle with its light luxury carry bags.It has a 25% increase in sales year to year in China according to Forbes. To expand its market in China, Coach has invested in multi-channel distribution strategy heavily in China rather than other luxury brand. They are not just selling carry bags on retail stores and factory outlet, but also on the E-commerce site which really steps ahead than other brands way back to 2012.


Coach has sense of Chinese marketing by adopting online strategy and positioning itself as a light luxury brand, which is really easy to win young generation. They are smart to use American- Chinese pop star to promote their brand which really increases the brand awareness among Chinese young people.

E-commerce and its positioning strategy are the keys Coach wins the Chinese online market and attention of netizens in China.


No.4 Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton would be the only one brand which can against Channel, and they are supposed to be at the same level one or two. However the search index shows that Louis Vuitton has dropped to No.4 with regard to the online brand searching popularity and lost its luster in Chinese market in somehow.

However, Louis Vuitton is still the one with long lasting relationship with Asia customers and staying on the top of the brand awareness with its sophisticated design and classic brand image. Maybe label is not enough for Chinese customer loyal to the luxury brand anymore. Yes, they are like to buy these the popular luxury brand of the word. But a brand should think of Chinese market that online marketing and E-commerce is everything for the business right now and Louis Vuitton wasn’t doing well enough on the digital area.

No.5 Chowtaifook

This is the number one Chinese Luxury Jewry brand in Chinese domestic market and famous worldwide. The reason why it is so popular in China is because the number one reason- the richest Chinese culture background more than 80 years.

In terms of its online marketing strategy, maybe because it’s Chinese brand, the brand knows how to do the online marketing to win Chinese customer,from online to off-line strategy to great exposure on the social media toward to how to engage with their target audience. Chowtaifook has it all!

6For instance, the social media campaign by using London Olympic game in 2012 which has increased brand awareness among young people. Their strategy is promoting their product at right place with right timing. And interactivity between Weibo fans and gift giving makes each year promoting with millions of fans participate the campaign.

No.6 Longines


 Longines would the earliest Luxury watch marker entered into Chinese market. It has been selling in China way back to 1867. The elder generation might not know other newly entered luxury brand in China. But they will really familiar with this brand.

What makes Longiness success in China are the timelessness and classic brand image for both women and men. For women, traditional design flows softly forms and for men, the classical design really shows attitude of successful man.7

Of cause, they are doing social media quite well in China and gaining millions of fans on the social media platform. However, they never experiment or follow the fashion trends when it comes to the heritage for the brand image.

Yes, they should probably do some more promotion with some fancy and interesting interactivity with their fans in China. However, they didn’t do much but still win Chinese customer in terms of its brand attitude.

No.7 Giorgio Armani


If it is really need to compare Longines with Giorgio Armani, and then the former one is too classic as I mentioned, and the later one is filling with fashion buzz with sense of fashion style but elegance. It has been celebrities’ favorite all time and probably with this reason, young successful people are really like this brand.10


How they are doing their online marketing strategy in china? Giorgio Armani has been doing really well on Chinese online market. They brought the crowed not just for Chinese fans but also worldwide to talk about how the brand can gain Chinese market on twitter way back to 2012.



No.8 Gucci

Compare with other brand, Gucci could be the youngest Luxury brand that knowing by Chinese customers, however they are one of the most active foreign luxury brand on the social media platform in China. It has Sina Weibo, Youku Channel and stand –along blog to attract many of Chinese fans. Even though the brand has the a lot of fans on the social media ,But it’s performance is not good enough to keep its fans in terms of re- positioning strategy and new anti-logo designs and also this campaign’s performance on the social media has been slow without any interesting topic to main fans. Maybe this brand has done more work in Chinese luxury fashion brand.


No.9 Hermès 

Unlike other foreign Luxury fashion brand, Hermès has been more focusing on online to off-line strategy in Chinese market. They have been step into the Chinese mobile market with “Silk Knots” campaign for instance to allow its target have more interactivity between the brand and h12ave more deep understanding of the brand and then bring fans to visit retail store Besides, Hermès is clever enough to see there is a great potential of mobile market in China, with millions of users are using mobile phone to do anything recently.



Maybe Hermès is still a family brand, they are not doing huge expand in Chinese market, instead more focusing on education and brand storytelling to allow the customer get to know the brand .


No.10 Patek Philippe


In the beginning, Patek Philippe was not confident enough when it comes to the social media. It has no official social media account for the company until 2013. And even now, the company’s official Facebook account is managed by its fans. However, it still gains worldwide fans support including Chinese customers.

Patek Philippe has not been expend its online strategy aggressively. In China, it has not got an official Weibo account yet. So what’s the brand doing now to attract their potential customers? By collaborate with some bloggers to promote their brand is the only online media strategy.

It is surprised that the brand can still being the most searched brand in China, maybe because customer wants to discover more about the brand. However, if Patek Philippe doesn’t want to take any further action, their heritage fans will lose their confidence soon or later.

Written By Elliot Dao

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