Xiaohongshu Just Launched A Group Buying Feature

Xiaohongshu (also called Little Red Book), China’s leading lifestyle-sharing app, has introduced a new group buying feature that allows users to purchase products without any deposit or commission fees. This all-in-one O2O strategy benefits brands, influencers, and retailers, and is set to revolutionize online shopping in China.

Read on to discover how Xiaohongshu’s Group Buying Feature is enhancing shopping experiences and elevating marketing strategies across multiple industries.

Xiaohongshu: A Star Social Media For Luxury And Lifestyle

Xiaohongshu is a popular social media platform in China that is often compared to Instagram, with a focus on luxury and lifestyle products.

It has over more than 200 million users, mostly composed of Millennials and Gen Z consumers, who actively share and discover their favorite items.

The platform has become an essential marketing tool for luxury and fashion brands looking to tap into the Chinese market.

This platform allows these high-end companies to showcase their products through curated visuals while utilizing user reviews as testimonials—resulting in authentic connections with potential customers.

Xiaohongshu (RED) users in China in 2022, by city tier

Little Red Book’s New Group Buying Feature

The Group Buying Feature on Xiaohongshu enables users to purchase products from nearby offline stores at discounted prices without any commission, providing a unique shopping experience.

What is The Group Buying Feature About?

The ability to quickly grasp new concepts and strategies is essential, and this includes the recently launched Group Buying Feature on Xiaohongshu.

For instance, Xiaohongshu’s Group Buying Feature allows friends to purchase products together and receive exclusive discounts from partnering businesses, which increases sales through collective consumer demand and promotes brand visibility by linking online marketplace promotion with physical stores.

There are no commission fees or deposits required for participation.

How does The Feature Enables Group Buying From Nearby Offline Stores?


Xiaohongshu’s group buying feature is a game-changer for local shopping, allowing users to access discounts and promotions from nearby offline stores.

The app has partnered with retailers across China to offer discounted products, with a unique no-deposit and no-commission model focused solely on sales.

This means that partnering brands and retailers do not have to pay any overhead costs or share revenue with the platform.

Benefits Of The New Feature: For Brands

Brands can sell their products through Xiaohongshu’s all-in-one O2O (online to offline) strategy without any commission on sales, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Opportunity To Sell Products Through An All-in-one O2O Strategy In China

Xiaohongshu, operating in the world’s most important e-commerce market, has introduced a group-buying feature for brands to enhance their presence.

The app’s all-in-one O2O strategy allows brands to collaborate with KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers) on the platform to create new sales channels for their products.

This can increase authenticity and loyalty among Chinese consumers, making it easier to access this lucrative market without any significant deposit.

Group-buying With Nearby Offline Stores Without Any Commission On Sales

Xiaohongshu’s new Group Buying feature allows brands to partner with nearby offline stores for group buying without paying any commission on sales.

This enables brands to expand their reach and boost sales while enjoying zero commission charges. The feature also benefits retailers by allowing them to participate in China’s viral group-buying trend without any deposit requirements.

Marketers can leverage social media platforms like Xiaohongshu to optimize their marketing strategies by utilizing new features like this one.

Benefits Of The New Feature: For Influencers

For influencers, this new feature presents an exciting opportunity to promote offline stores offering the group buying option and earning commission on earnings through in-app promotions.

Opportunity To Promote Offline Stores Offering The Group Buying Option

Xiaohongshu’s latest group buying feature allows influencers to promote offline stores that offer this option.

By doing so, influencers can generate more business for the merchants and earn a commission on their earnings. This feature enables brands to reach out to more consumers and create brand awareness while providing shoppers with amazing deals and discounts.

Xiaohongshu aims to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between retailers and social media users through its lifestyle-sharing app’s innovative features.

Ability To Earn Commission On Earnings By Promoting This New In-app Feature

Xiaohongshu’s group buying feature is a great opportunity for influencers to earn commission on sales by promoting retailers that offer this option.

With over 100 million users, mostly young women, Xiaohongshu provides businesses with an ideal platform to effectively market their products and services.

The no deposit, no commission model for merchants serves as an added incentive for them to join the program, allowing influencers to benefit from their sales while also helping to boost their online presence.

Benefits Of The New Feature: For Retailers

Retailers can join the viral group-buying model in China without any deposit requirements and benefit from Xiaohongshu’s online success while expanding their market reach through an all-in-one O2O strategy.

Opportunity To Join The Viral Group-buying Model In China

Xiaohongshu’s new group buying feature offers retailers the chance to increase their market penetration by joining the viral model.

With Xiaohongshu’s all-in-one O2O strategy, nearby offline stores can participate without any deposit requirement or commission on sales.

This feature increases brand visibility and builds customer loyalty by offering exclusive deals and discounts through a more convenient shopping experience.

Joining the viral model also enhances logistics efficiency through cost reduction while growing revenue streams with influencer commissions.

Benefit From Xiaohongshu’s Online Success Without Any Deposit Requirement For The Service

Xiaohongshu’s “Shilifa Store Plan” is a support program that requires zero deposits and zero commissions, offering traffic support to help retailers promote their products and reach a wider audience.

Retailers can join the viral group-buying model in China without any upfront investment, benefiting from Xiaohongshu’s online success.

This allows retailers to focus on getting more sales and expanding their customer base through Xiaohongshu’s platform while enjoying benefits such as bulk selling, product promotion, and an enhanced shopping experience for consumers with its in-app shopping features.

Enhanced Shopping Experience For Consumers

Consumers can enjoy an enhanced shopping experience through Xiaohongshu’s new Group Buying Feature, which offers exclusive deals and discounts, as well as helps them make easier purchasing decisions.

Easier Purchasing Decisions

Xiaohongshu’s new group buying feature simplifies the purchasing process for customers by offering exclusive discounts from nearby offline stores.

This encourages buyers to choose specific stores and products on the platform, resulting in informed and efficient purchases from trusted local retailers.

Customers can save money and time while enjoying exclusive deals and discounts, all within the app itself.

Want to Get Advantage of The New Group-Buying Feature? We Can Help!

Xiaohongshu’s new group buying feature is a revolutionary addition to the Chinese market, elevating the app’s position as an all-in-one O2O platform and strengthening its competitive advantage in mobile commerce. This feature opens up new avenues for retailers, influencers, and brands to connect with consumers through social commerce and generate additional revenue streams.

Simultaneously, shoppers can benefit from exclusive discounts from nearby offline stores, making purchasing decisions easier and more convenient than ever before.

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