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gen z in china

Diving headfirst into the swirling vortex of Chinese Gen Z fashion trends can be a bit like unraveling a mysterious labyrinth. Believe me, I know it’s no simple feat trying to decipher the prolific array of blossoming styles in this vibrant culture.

That’s precisely why I decided to plunge into exhaustive research and uncover the current go-to trends for the young Chinese. Excited for an exclusive journey through China’s dynamic and intriguing fashion scape? Let’s buckle up!

Key Takeaways

  • Gen Z in China likes many fashion styles. They love American retro core, ABG style, athflow, ballet core, and bloke-core.
  • New styles are starting to be loved by Gen Z too! These include the city boy look, cleanfit style, clogcore trend, cottagecore, and courtcore or tennis outfits.
  • The new Chinese style is a big hit with the young group. Their tastes have moved from old money overspending towards buying smart.
Gen Z in China: world's top spending

Popular Fashion Trends Among Gen Z in China

Gen Z in China are wholeheartedly embracing a mix of fashion aesthetics. Let’s see what young Chinese consumers choose to wear today, as opposed to previous generations.

American retrocore

I see American retrocore taking over the fashion scene in China. It’s a hit with the younger generation who loves its old-world charm. Think of baggy jeans, bright colors, and big logos. This nostalgic style is like going back to the 90s or early 2000s.

It doesn’t cost much which adds to its appeal. Young people can dress well without breaking the bank (even wearing foreign brands). Even luxury brands are getting into this trend now!

And it’s not just clothes but also Y2K elements that are making waves; think along the lines of Jennie from Blackpink’s iconic looks! The youth set trends here and their choice speaks volumes about what kind of fashion they prefer.

Asian baby girl

Asian baby girl, or ABG style is big in China right now. It’s all about breaking rules. This trend lets Asian women be bold and stand up to old ways of thinking. It’s a loud ‘no’ to being soft, quiet, or easy to push around.

Baby girl (ABG) fashion is spreading fast among Gen Z in China. These young people love to show who they really are.

For many years young girls in China were dressing cute, and the kawaii style was a thing. Today they want to show themselves as more fierce and independent, and we can see it in their looks, as opposed to older generations.


Athflow style is becoming a very trendy thing among Chinese young women, for the same reason as the ABG look. This style combines comfort with style, making it popular among young people. Athflow uses soft colors, flexible materials, and relaxed fits.

Many Chinese Gen Z consumers are choosing this trend over others for its mix of ease and fashion aesthetics. As a result, athflow is shaping the way new trends develop in the country’s fashion scene.


Gen Z is loving the ballet-inspired fashion trend. They’re showing off their style with ballet flats, leg warmers, sheer tights, wrap tops, and skirts.

It’s all over Bilibili, where most of the youngsters from Chinese society get their fashion fix. Even Depop shows how much they love it with strong trends in similar looks like fairycore and gorpcore.

Balletcore isn’t just a fad; it’s here to stay on the fashion scene for China’s Gen Z.


Blokecore another new trend among younger consumers in the Chinese market. Think about Justin Bieber’s loose clothes, Ouyang Nana’s funky hats, or Yang Mi’s combo of sports shoes and baggy pants.

That is blokecore style for you. It started out as funny TikTok videos but now it has become a big deal among young men in China. Even Crocs hopped on the bandwagon by creating cool new designs that got everyone talking! And don’t forget that Gen Z holds strong buying power here in China, so they’re shaping what gets hot and what does not in the fashion world.

Emerging Fashion Trends Among Gen Z in China

The fashion scene in China is evolving at a fast pace, with Gen Z leading the trend. The ‘City boy’ style captures urban sophistication, merging it with youthful energy. The dominance of ‘Cleanfit’ demonstrates their inclination towards minimalism and eco-consciousness.

Ever heard about ‘Clogcore’? It’s an appreciation for comfortable footwear, epitomizing the balance between style and comfort that Gen Z craves. Meanwhile, ‘Cottagecore’, a romanticized interpretation of rural life aesthetic is making its way into mainstream fashion amongst Chinese youth.

Lastly, there’s the popular ‘Courtcore’, or tennis-inspired looks, showcasing preppy chic styles borrowed from sports culture – another reflection of how diverse and dynamic the Chinese Gen Z fashion trends are becoming!

City boy

In the world of Gen Z fashion, the “city boy” style is making waves. Young men in China gravitate to this simple and relaxed look. It’s all about loose and layered clothes that ooze comfort.

The style takes cues from Japanese leisurewear to craft a unique blend for Chinese youth. This trend feeds their desire for minimalistic fashion; it’s not too loud but still makes a statement.

The popularity of “city boy” style among Chinese youth shows just how much they value simplicity in their wear while also keeping up with urban trends.


Cleanfit is another style worth a closer look. They are letting go of the gorpcore look, for a cleaner and more shiny style. Luxury dress-up is not new to them; they have been around it since they were young.

Now Gen Z’s taste in clothes shows more skill and care. The fashion scene in China changes all the time, much thanks to Gen Z shaping trends with their choices. This group has played a big part in putting Cleanfit on the map as an up-and-coming trend with great promise!


Clogcore is on the rise among youngsters in China. This Gen Z fashion trend gets its name from Crocs, a popular shoe brand. Now, Chinese youth are making these shoes their own. They add personal touches to make them show off who they are as a person.

On social media, you’ll see this trendy customization with posts about “Intellectual Chic”. So far, more than 51 million of these posts have been viewed!


Cottagecore is making a big splash in China’s Gen Z fashion scene. It pulls from things we see every day. Think of cozy farmhouses, open fields, warm bread fresh from the oven, and dresses that spin wide when you twirl.

This fun trend lets young people step into a rustic and vintage world. They get to play pretend as wholesome countryside folk.

But sometimes, it’s more than just dress-up for these kids. The world right now can be tough for young people, especially in China. Cottagecore gives them an escape hatch from all these hurdles while keeping things simple and peaceful.

Courtcore (or tenniscore)

Courtcore is another funny trend going around in China. This trend shines on social media, mainly driven by Blackpink’s Jennie and her Y2K looks. With tennis skirts, polo shirts, and visors as key features of Courtcore style, it takes cues from the world of sports fashion.

A lot of Gen Z show off their stylish spins on this look on TikTok! It’s not just a mode but also an invitation to play with fashion in new ways.

Influences and Inspirations for Gen Z Fashion Trends in China

The Chinese Gen Z fashion doesn’t simply sprout from nowhere; it is deeply rooted in cultural preferences and heavily influenced by elements such as the New Chinese style, old money aesthetics, and urbancore trends.

New Chinese style

I see how Gen Z in China shapes the new Chinese style. This trend speaks out their fresh ideas on fashion. It’s not just clothes, it is also how they act and think as buyers. The way they shop has a big part in shaping this new wave.

They lean towards vintage clothes which has led to the rise of what we call “Intellectual Chic.” It is no secret that stars like Blackpink’s Jennie fuel this change with her Y2K style.

This shift in consumer behavior shows how much power Gen Z holds over the Chinese fashion market.

Old money

Old money is a key part of China’s Gen Z fashion. It shows quiet wealth with no big logos. Classy and fancy items are picked with care, not just bought to show off. This is different from their parents’ way of spending.

The old money style speaks of high-end class and an invite-only feel. Many teens in China spend more on grand goods than in the US or UK at 15%. Well-off Chinese Gen Zers like luxe things that don’t shout, “Look at me!”.


In the heart of China’s busy streets, Urbancore is making a big splash. It’s a trend that you see everywhere – on teens, in shops, on social media. Gen Z loves it! They are open and receptive to this new style.

With its mix of city life and fashion, Urbancore fits right into their world. This group knows what they want when it comes to style. Exposed to luxury fashion from an early age, Gen Z uses trends like Urbancore as their voice.

As they grow up, so do their tastes in clothes. Their love for Urbancore shows how much they value unique style and expression.

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