The Luggage Market in China is Growing Rapidly

China is the biggest manufacturer of luggage in the world especially for leather goods. The total amount of luggage does not represent less than 500 billion RMB of products every year. In this way , it became the top luggage manufactory.Most of the products are exported ,that is to say approximately 70-80% of them are sold to worldwide. The market is very vast and the government is trying to put to control.

The actual market

Actually , Chinese luggage companies can suggest good prices because they have low production costs and the labor concentrated production model meets most of worldwide demand.Advanced technological leather to make them save costs. They are able to sell premium luggage at interesting price.

Even though Chinese luggage brand is very present in the market they do not represent the leaders. Actually, seven of the top ten luggage brand are foreign companies. Moreover , Chinese consumers prefer to buy  good quality ones. The progress of the luggage industry in China can be explained by the fact that Chinese people are travelling a much more than few years ago.

Challenges of the Market

Local brands that make low quality products are facing some difficulties. This category of products included poor designed products and weak brand power. This is therefore the opportunity for you as a foreign brand to come into the Chinese market. One should also notice that it is very difficult for Chinese brands to find stable distributions channels and settle solid marketing strategy. These two elements seriously reduce the profitability of local brands. Chinese brand doesn’t have advantages compared to foreign brands because international inspection requirements are becoming more demanding. In addition, consumers tend to favour premium brands. Therefore, Chinese brands cannot satisfy the needs of the consumer because they want really good quality products. This cuts off significant regions of the market from Chinese producers.

Distribution Changes transforms the way brands are selling their product. Indeed in China’s e-commerce platform are unavoidable. For example, the Chinese luggage brand called Samsonite decided to do a partnership with the platform. The main objective with this partnership is to be the leader of luggage fashion nationwide.

Luggage as the Expression of Personality

Luggage for Chinese people is not only a box that permits them to put their things  in where they are travelling. Luggage must reflect their personality. In other words, it means statement of personal taste, fashion, status, an extension of style. They represent an occasion to wear fancy products, very coloured and, of course, of good quality. These high-end accessories are designed by manufacturers in order to make them large, resistant on a long-term and funky aspect.


The increasing number of suitcases can also be explained by the fact that Chinese people are travelling more and more. So they contributed to making suitcase popular and especially light one because this is more convenient. They push manufacturers to develop some luggage and to be more international regarding international norms to be conformed with many airlines.

To make the difference, some designers are very innovative. Some created suitcase with GPS in it to prevent the risk of loss. Another Israeli  company invented the high-tech suitcase. You also can find a suitcase that can be locked with mobile phones. Some suitcases also include the possibility to weigh themselves. On the market , it is also possible to have USB ports inside.

Solution we provide

As we mentioned  earlier, Chinese people tend to buy premium brand luggage because they sell products of best quality. However, as a foreign brand you are at the same level as the other foreign brand. As a consequence you need to buid a solid strategy to make the difference with the other brands. This is the reason one you need the best recommendation for your business. GMA can help you on different aspects.

Develop Your Branding

One should know while starting a business in China that your brand which is a symbol of your image is even more important than the product you are selling. Many things are related to your image but your website is very important because it draws your identity. We can help you to design your website in order to make it  very attractive. You need to think about the values you  have to put behind your brand and that is exactly your target. Thinks about the lifestyle that has  your customers.


A good advertisement is the part of the success. Social media provide you good support to do it form We chat to Dou yin, for example , these social platforms are very important because they can help you to get leads and therefore more chance to get clients. However it is not always easy to find the place in which you should invest and what kind of advertisement is the best for your business . This is why you need expert recommendations.

E-commerce strategy

One solution is to get through an e-commerce platform to sell your luggage. You need to choose the good one. However to sell on it you have to be a legal entity in China. Procedures can take a lot of time and be very inconvenient. We have the contact required to help you to do it faster.

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