The specifities of international marketing : illustrated by the Chinese market

The Chinese market, characteristics, and potential.

With exponential growth, China is attracting more and more entrepreneurs. But the specifics of the market make the creation of businesses and the implantation in China unique to this country.

International Marketing

International marketing corresponds to all the actions taken by a company to enter a foreign market, promote it and make it profitable.

Marketing operations are not the same when you do local marketing and when you want to establish outside the national territory.
Therefore, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the target market and to adapt its strategy to the specific local needs; the company provides an answer to consumer needs by country.

To continue their growth, companies need to increase their sales volume. They must look to other countries to find new market opportunities.

On top of that, with the increasing use of the Internet and E-commerce, if a company operates online, it automatically becomes an international company.

Focus on the Chinese market

Selling in China today is not easy as the Chinese cultural system is complex.

To conquer this vast market is very attractive; since the promulgation of the economic policy of openness in China (1978) and its economic development. It is expected that China will be the world’s largest economy in 2030.

But if China is a market with great potential, it is also an extremely competitive market, where not only are present numbers of local competitors at unbeatable costs, but also the entire global competition.

It is, therefore, necessary to research, learn, and try to understand the Chinese market before trying to enter it. On top of that, it is preferable to adopt a brand to the Chinese system rather than trying to change China.

Understand the target: The Chinese consumer

e-commerce plaforms

The emergence of the middle class in China is too important to be ignored by multinational companies. Indeed this middle class is in full development and should account for 70% of China’s population by 2025.

The new Chinese consumers want their values, their distinctive and symbolic codes in the products they buy.

They are buying foreign products as long as we understand the complexity that combines Chinese culture and Western influences.

The  Golden youth

This new wealthy class has high regard for foreign brands is particularly the case for the new generations: the “over 35” and “15 to 24 years.” The “golden youth”, with high purchasing power, is looking for innovative products, and generally new brands.

online presence

Promote on the web: the importance of a digital presence

In China, the influence of social media on online shopping is very present. Of 90% of Chinese Internet users, 62% spend their time looking for the latest trends whether in clothing, automobiles, or electronics, by watching videos or learning about products that interest them by posting comments.

social networking
e-commerce china key

The key for brands wishing to conquer the Chinese market is undoubtedly social networks.
Chinese netizens spend 25 hours a week online and not less than 40% of their time spent online is dedicated to social networks.
It is crucial to adopt a marketing strategy through social networks to reach the Chinese audience who wishes to engage and communicate with brands.

WeChat features

The Tencent group (Weibo: 500 million users, WeChat: 600 million users) took into account this factor, it is now the leader of the Chinese market on social networks.
For example, by adding new features to its famous mobile app WeChat.

 In addition to the increase in popularity of social networks, the number of internet via mobile phone users continues to increase, it is facilitating Chinese digital businesses.

 E-reputation in China

Branding image is crucial in the Chinese digital market. The local consumer does not immediately trust a brand: he first gets informed about it on various networks such as the information collected on the web, or opinions on which it has knowledge.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the competition, and regularly check your accounts on social networks to see what is said about you.

However, the best thing to do is to appeal to digital marketers who will establish for you an effective strategy with their knowledge of the Chinese market

Chinese search engine and SEO

The Chinese netizen uses Baidu, the reference search engine in China, it is common to check out blogs to increase knowledge about a brand, for example. Thus, he is interested in both the brand itself and also in consumer returns that have been using this product.

Internet SEO is what helps a brand to have all the pages of its site indexed in the databases of search engines such as Baidu on chosen keywords. It is important for a company to come in the first pages of search engines when the search is for its universe.

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    “Selling in China today is not as easy as the Chinese cultural system is complex.” Can totally relate! Knowing the target, understanding the trends, and then adapting digitally are keys here

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