Balenciaga Plays the “Lazzy Card” to Seduce Chinese People during New Year

Quite creative, Balenciaga has launched its unique “Paris Is Home” campaign, featuring items from its exclusive New Year collection. This campaign creatively draws from the Chinese name of Balenciaga, balishijia (巴黎世家), which coincidentally echoes the Mandarin phrase for “Paris is home” (巴黎是家).

Cozy Home

Set in cozy home environments, the campaign highlights a range of products, including logo-printed long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, and denim jackets with doodle-style designs, as well as the Le Cagole handbag. This home-themed setting adds a touch of warmth to the campaign.

Being Lazzy , a new trend

This innovative campaign quickly caught the attention of social media users in China, particularly on platforms like Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin. The clever wordplay on Balenciaga’s Chinese name resonated well, amassing over 122,300 views on Xiaohongshu within the first 48 hours. according to Jingdaily

Balenciaga continues to showcase its leadership in engaging with Chinese cultural events, using localization strategies like this wordplay concept. The brand effectively aligns its campaigns with Chinese festivities, whether it’s for romantic events like the 520 Day or the Chinese New Year.

Notably, Balenciaga diverged from the typical zodiac-themed Chinese New Year campaigns. Instead, it introduced a narrative where wearing Balenciaga is equated to the comfort and nostalgia of being at home, a concept that resonates deeply during the New Year celebrations. This approach underscores the brand’s commitment to blending style, self-expression, and cultural relevance in its campaigns.

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