How to develop your hair salon in China ?

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China is the symbol of fast growing economies regarding  beauty and personal care like oil cleansing . Most of the time hair salons are considered as belonging to the cosmetics industry. Since 2008 we can see a growing rate of 23.8%. We also notice that people are getting more and more involved in this industry which is the largest among all tertiary sectors in China.

Features of the market  and evolution

It seems quite simple to enter in this market because the barrier are low. In other words there is no need of high requirement which means that all hair dressers use and sell products. They represent approximately 20% of the whole market share of cosmetics goods.

The biggest sector is the essential hair care products shampoos. There is an important trend that aims at putting lower prices. This fact can be explained by a a slowdown of the economy. People tend to purchase affordable hair products rather than the most expensive one. So the competition increases. There are some big players such as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever , Avon, Kao , l’Oréal and others. The presence of luxury brands for hair care is also noticeable.

We can notice an increase of luxury hair salon opening. They rise more rapidly than normal hair salon. The growing number of exhibitions of premium hair salon and high end products can serve as a prove.

According to statistics, they will be opened to buy more natural products because they are considered as having more benefit because they use natural ingredients.We can notice an increase of luxury hair salon opening. They rise more rapidly than normal hair salon. The growing number of exhibitions of premium hair salon and high end products can serve as a prove.

Progression of Low end hair salon tend to slow down because there were many cases of illegal business such as prostitution.The hair market in general is influenced by the rising of working force entering in the market.

We can notice a significant evolvement. They pay attention  to details while buying products like  packaging , positioning and expectations. We can notice the importance of two sectors which are shampoos and conditioners. These two segment increasing a lot that is why the competition is fierce between local and international brands.

Consumers behaviours

During the last years the average of money spent for cosmetics goods significantly increased. Even though it still less important than in developed countries. It is important to adapt your business to the actual trend. Indeed, the culture of spending money in hair salon is more a western one. It has always been an usual spending. Nonetheless, concerning the Chinese market, hair product have always been considered as optional ( post shampoo, hair masks, laquers).

The main class targeted is always the middle class because, this is the one that has the more evolving purchasing power. As a consequence, people purchase in a different way and gained more self confidence. They tend to spend money in premium services or good quality products.  The old category of Chinese consumer have an important role in the evolution of the colourant market.

Solutions to be successful

You need to include in your strategy a solid plan for social media because people‘s opinion are directly linked to your reputation.  You need to keep in mind that consumers are influenced by marketing trends. So, it is important to be updated.  Depending on the category of people will leave their opinion about your product and your services. They can also talk about it on beauty blogs.

Word of mouth

The word of mouth marketing is very efficient to promote your hair salon in China. It’s an innovative way of spreading information which utilizes components of viral marketing, though more natural channels. It’s about creating a buzz

Good website

Even though your hair salon is first and foremost a physical shop, you need to be present on the internet In order, to attract people to your salon. Having a good visibility and reputation are essential elements to develop your business in China. Chinese consumers will always check first about your reputation before coming in your Hair salon. The website must be in Chinese because you will have more visibility on baidu. Actually, this leading search engine tend to show first websites hosted on the country. You should optimize the website the best way possible which means that all relevant information should be on it such as price, location because Chinese consumers don’t like to waste their time. You have to put beautiful picture to show for example your achievements.

Efficient SEO on Baidu

In China google is not allowed. SO forget about what you know on google SEO. While creating you website you need to think about that. It is essential that the content is relevant but you also need to insert backlinks in order to have a good rank in the results. This also implies that you put keywords. Per por Click can be an option that you can use as advertisement. In order to have a good reputation you really need to work on SEO on long term to have interesting result.

Because the competition is really important you need to have a solid strategy in term of marketing and communication. Don’t forget that in the Chinese market it’s very essential to adapt your tone to the target. GMA can provide you a good analysis of the market and help  you to realize your project.

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    Pushed by stars and celebrities, developing a real hairstyle is important for young Chinese consumers, they want to build a real identity, the same way as make-up or tattoos but with less engagement.

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