Gucci in China: 27Millions views for Children day

Gucci has partnered with Chinese Pop IP Marsper for the second time since 2021, continuing their successful collaboration.

Children day  (儿童节, értóng jié), which is officially known as International Children’s Day. It is opportunities for Ecommerce platforms and Brands to do amazing Marketing Campaign like this one.

The two iconic entities have announced a joint series of collectible figurines.

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Marsper x Gucci dolls

Set to be released on Gucci’s WeChat Mini Program on Friday, June 9, the collection features four variations of the Marsper x Gucci doll dressed in four Gucci archival looks. These dolls combine classic Gucci elements such as stripes, velvet, double G motifs, and capes. Additionally, the Marsper x Gucci joint series includes a travel accessory inspired by the Gucci Savoy series of suitcases.

On Xiaohongshu, Gucci get same VIral effect.

The inspiration for this latest product drop seems to have come from the Gucci Cosmos exhibition currently taking place in Shanghai until June 25. To promote the launch and the event, a lottery system will be implemented to give online shoppers a guaranteed opportunity to purchase the limited-edition dolls.


The four 30cm Marsper × Gucci collaborative pieces draw inspiration from the iconic designs created by former Gucci creative directors Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele.

These fashion styles, ranging from minimalistic suits to the brand’s GG logo and equestrian references, showcase different interpretations and presentations of the brand across various eras and creative visions. The collection also includes a travel accessory inspired by Gucci’s Savoy series, featuring the GG Supreme pattern and green-red-green webbing as a tribute to the brand’s heritage. This collaboration symbolizes the imaginative journey shared by Marsper and Gucci. Additionally, two of the Marsper × Gucci collaboration pieces, the Double G Marsper and Cape Marsper, are also released in a larger 60cm version called the P(er)LUS edition, showcasing fashion concepts in a larger format with selected materials and continuing the creative narrative. Stay tuned for more release details through Gucci and Marsper official channels, including Gucci stores, official social media accounts, and the official website for the latest updates.

Video Amazing

The announcement has generated widespread excitement among fans and collectors eagerly awaiting the arrival of these exclusive items.

Big Buzz on Weibo

The Weibo hashtag “MarsperxGucci” has garnered 27 million views, with 5million views recorded on the day of its announcement, which coincided with Children’s Day.

Marsper, a Chinese IP introduced to the world in 2020, embodies the core concept of “Born to Love” and operates under the LEPOP umbrella. Known for its artistic prowess, Marsper has previously launched several artist series and engaged in successful collaborations with renowned brands such as Casetify, Sprite, Erdos, and more.

Best Cobranding of the year?

The collaboration between Gucci and Marsper represents another milestone for both brands, combining the expertise of a global fashion powerhouse with the creativity of a rising Chinese IP. This partnership not only showcases the growing influence of China’s local pop culture scene but also highlights Gucci’s commitment to embracing emerging talent and exploring innovative avenues.

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