Interview of Henri Joli about Trends on the Chinese Luxury market . 

Today FashionAgency has interviewed Henri Joli, expert in Fashion and advisor of Haute Couture Houses.

Can you introduce yourself 

My name is Henri Joli, an International Artistic Consultant, expert in fashion, public relation and global development. I’m recognized for my leading role and leadership in Haute Couture Houses. For more than 20 years beside the French Haute Couture Fashion Designer “Jean-Paul Gaultier” and close to him and to many fashion designers where he has participated and organized some of the largest events, I have built a strong and significant reputation in this area.

In 2006, I launched my Maison de Haute Couture with a young couturier, helping him on all the existing and essential areas for the past 12 years. My House has been recognized by all international media for her exceptional skills, talents, and achievements.

Launched in 2018, Henri Joli Partners Consulting Ltd. is a multifaceted platform:

• Style Supervisor – Art Director

• Strong relationship with Chinese stars to provide them with image advice

• Consultations with large Chinese groups during fashion weeks

• Selection of the best Chinese fashion designers and inviting them to present their collection during Paris Fashion Week

• Offer services to the biggest players in the fashion industry

• Ambassador of a Parisian fashion school

 • Correspondent for several Parisian fashion media

• Offer investors in countries lacking large-scale infrastructure with essential aid Driven by a natural mastery of communication and influence, my eye, expert in detecting trends and talents, is a reference in an ever-changing market.

2- Can you give us 5 trends in the Chinese Luxury

What doesn’t change in China is that everything is constantly changing. For centuries, change has been an inescapable component of Chinese culture and philosophy. A valuable lesson when trying to understand the fashion and beauty market in the Middle Kingdom. This state of perpetual transmutation requires staying on standby, on the lookout for weak signals, to avoid missing emerging trends.

            The luxury market in China in 2023: 5 key trends for brands and marketers.

1/ Expect the growth and expansion of very important customers.

According to Bain’s luxury goods market research, the top two percent of luxury customers account for about 40 percent of luxury goods sales worldwide.

2/ Developing the duty-free ecosystem! In recent years, duty-free shopping in Hainan

has been an important contributor to the growth of the luxury market in China.

3/ Adopt global pricing strategies. Since 2020, China’s borders have been closed, and

as a result, most brands have not had to harmonize prices between China and the rest

of the world.

4/ Improve physical retail services

With China’s borders reopening and travel returning, retail stores are now in the spotlight. Luxury brands are investing heavily in the in-person retail experience in 2022 and 2023, with the opening of several flagship stores (or reopening, such as Dior’s flagship store). Consumers are returning to physical stores, and luxury brands are looking to make them more entertaining and unique by adding restaurants, artwork or experiences.

In addition, the trend of combining high-end hospitality with luxury is accelerating, with brands such as Dior and Chopard adding restaurants and hotels to their stores. For 2023, luxury brands are certainly expected to improve their retail services as consumers increasingly shop in person in stores. One way to do this is to combine high-end hospitality services such as cafes, restaurants or beauty services for consumers in retail stores.

5/ Integrate Web3 drops into marketing strategies

According to a report by Bain and Altagamma, luxury brands will continue to explore Web3 in 2023, with “technology profit pools” such as NFTs and the metaverse expected to generate between €600 billion and €1.2 trillion by 2030.

What are 3 things Chinese luxury Clients are searching 

Chinese luxury customers are looking for:

1/ Superior quality products

2/ Renowned brands

3/ Personalized shopping experiences

What are 3 brands that perform well in China, and why? 

According to a study by the China Luxury Research Institute, the preferred luxury brands of affluent clientele in China in 2023 are Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton. French brands are highly appreciated in China for their quality and prestige.


The Chinese client wants to be unique today and does not want to look like any other in her entourage and for that she gives herself the means!

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